What is the “Cainiao Warehouse Standard Shipping” shipping method?

Among the shipping methods most commonly used by AliExpress sellers lately is the “Cainiao Warehouse Standard Shipping” (also known as “Cainiao Warehouse Express Shipping”).

You don't know how it works?

Pay attention because below we'll explain what it is and all its advantages.

What is Cainiao

Cainiao is a company created by the Alibaba group, in order to help with shipments, and to which AliExpress belongs.

This way, they ensure the management of your items from start to finish and at the same time, it allows us to find very economical shipments, which is always good news for us.

Another popular Cainiao shipping method is the Cainiao Standard for Special Goods.

What type of shipping is “Cainiao Warehouse Standard Shipping”?

For some time now, AliExpress has set up a number of warehouses in Spain, Belgium, France, Poland, Malaysia and the Czech Republic.

How long does it take for “Cainiao Warehouse Standard Shipping” shipments to arrive home?

Delivery time varies between 3 and 7 days, depending on where the item is in stock. In case the warehouse is in your country, the delivery time is only 3 days maximum (it may even arrive sooner).

For other EU countries, the delivery time is a bit longer, 7 days. These shipments work very well and also have a number of advantages that we explain below:

What are the advantages of this shipment over others from AliExpress?

In addition to speed, if you use “Cainiao Warehouse Standard Shipping”, you can be sure that your package will not be held by customs and you will not have to pay VAT or duties.

As we explained the other day, these taxes are only payable on items imported from outside the European Union, so in this case you are free of this concern.

How to search directly for items being shipped from the European Union

If you think it's a good idea to buy these products with “Cainiao Warehouse Standard Shipping” fast shipping, we'll explain how you can filter your searches to find them faster.

From the website

Click here to go directly to the AliExpress product search. From there, enter any of the categories you are interested in buying and in the filters at the top click on “3-10 days delivery”. Here you will also see 10 days fast shipping with “AliExpress Standard Shipping” that don't come from the European Union. We will explain the differences below.

From the app

If you're from an European country, it is a little easier to filter the search from the application: go to the home page of the application and in the bar at the top click on “Ship from Europe”.

How does 10-day delivery work with “AliExpress Standard Shipping”?

Unlike shipments with “Cainiao Warehouse Standard Shipping”, items with 10-day delivery are handled by “AliExpress Standard Shipping” and are shipped from China, stopping in other EU countries before arriving in yours.

So, although both are very fast shipments, these orders do run the risk of being stopped at customs (although you know the probability is very low).

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