Definite guide for buying shoes in AliExpress

It can easily be stated that the most sold and sought after product in AliExpress are shoes. It shouldn't come as a surprise considering the prices and the variety of brands, models and styles the platform has to offer.

I wouldn't be exaggerating if I told you you can find shoes up to 75% cheaper than in regular shops. But take a look for yourself, just go to the AliExpress page and type in “shoes”.

Replicas vs originals in AliExpress

AliExpress sells both original shoes and replicas. Furthermore, originals are easier to find then ever with this new icon:

Autenticidade Garantida

Shoes displaying this icon are part of the “Guaranteed Authenticity” program, if you buy a product with this icon and it turns out to be fake, the seller will have to give you back up to double the money you originally paid.

Shoe sizes and return policies

One of the biggest concerns customers have when shopping for shoes are sizes. Shoes in AliExpress use the American measurement system. For those of you that don’t know what shoe size you have (in the American system), don’t worry: most AliExpress sellers have a conversion table for shoe sizes on their page.

Even so, whenever you are buying shoes from an online store, it’s always a good idea to check reviews from previous customers to see if they are complaining about inconsistencies on sizes. Ultimately if the seller has good ratings and there aren’t any complaints in the reviews, you can be sure sizes are the ones described.

*To know more about this check out our article Guide and advice to determine you size in AliExpress.

What shoes would you recommend buying?

I have personally bought dozens of sports shoes (or sneakers or tennis shoes, depending on where you read us 🙂 ) from AliExpress, and have never once been disappointed: Nike models are very easy to find and are super good; original Converse are also easy to find and very cheap; etc…

I recommend you take a look at this section of AliExpress, not many people know it, but its super useful: it’s the so called “Shopping Guide” for shoes, where you can find the most sold shoes both at the moment and in all the history of the page.

Go to AliExpress.

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