Find cheap Nike Air Jordan and other cheap basketball sneakers in AliExpress

It seems like Nike Air Jordan sneakers have been around forever. In fact, they have been around for almost three decades and are the best selling basketball sneakers in history.

Everything started in 1984, when a young Micheal Jordan started playing for the Chicago Bulls and signed a million dollar contract with Nike. The famous brand decided to create a sneaker and clothing line inspired specifically by Jordan, before they even knew he was going to become best player in the history of the NBA. As you may already know, the star product of this line were the first ever Nike Air Jordan. It’s been a while since then, but the brand is still going strong with more than 28 Air Jordan models.

No matter how you look at it, Air Jordan are a part of our history. Who hasn’t had them or wanted to have them at some point of their life?

No surprises here: AliExpress has a wide catalogue of Nike Air Jordan, both original and cheaper white brand ones. You can even find well known models such as the Air Jordan 1, Air Jordan 3, Air Jordan 4, Air Jordan 6 and even the sought after Air Jordan Eclipse.

In today’s post we are going to show you some tricks and give you some advice on finding cheap Nike Air Jordan in AliExpress, let’s get right to it!

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How to find original Nike Air Jordan in AliExpress

If your at all familiar with AliExpress you might already know about it’s recent changes. Instead of only being able to find cheap white label sneakers, you can now find original products by famous occidental brands (not Chinese) with guaranteed authenticity.

The problem with this recent change is that up until recently AliExpress was known for replicas, so as a countermeasure they set blocks on their search tab to make finding these replicas harder in an effort to deter their sale. Because of this, whenever you try looking for “Nike Air Jordan” you will end up with something like this:

Busqueda bloqueada

Despite this banner, you can find Nike Air Jordan sneakers in AliExpress. However, to find them, you going to have to use expressions such as these ones:

Or whatever model you are looking for without the name of the brand (in this case “Nike”). By using these key words or acronyms you will be able to find original Nike Air Jordan sneakers like these ones:

Air jordan originales aliexpress

Identifying original products

Its pretty easy to tell a replica from an original: just check the price (if it’s too low, it’s probably a replica), the description (if it uses the complete name of the brand or includes words such as “original” or “100% original” you can be sure it isn’t a replica) and the “Guaranteed Authenticity” icon (the method used by AliExpress to guarantee the originality of a product). The icon looks like this:

Zapatillas nike originales

You can also contact the seller directly, or better yet, check comments left by previous customers.

The best shops in AliExpress to purchase original Air Jordan sneakers

  • Olympic Sports Flagship Store (5 medals): in this well rated shop, you can find original Nike Air Jordan with “Guaranteed Authenticity” icon.
  • best Sports stores (3 diamonds): this shop also has 100% original Nike Air Jordan sneakers (with a “Guaranteed Authenticity” icon) in various models and colors.

Chinese brands: a cheap alternative to basketball sneaker replicas

If you don’t have the money for originals or don’t want to spend as much, you can also find some Chinese brands making their own basketball sneakers inspired by Nike Air Jordan at a much cheaper price.

The best known ones are the Qiaodan, which usually go for 50€ and look fairly similar to the Jordan sneakers (the basketball player logo is a clear homage to Michael Jordan):

Qiaodan aliexpress

I’ve been reading some of the ratings and, truth is, customers couldn’t be happier. They known they aren’t getting original Air Jordan, but considering the quality and their price, they are definitely worth it.

Other basketball sneaker brands: Adidas, Li-ning, Mizuno…

To find other Chinese versions of Air Jordan try looking for “Jordan Shoes” or “Basketball Shoes”. You’ll find a few of them, but just in case, here are a few others:

Most of them go for about 35 to 60€.

Final advice on getting basketball sneakers in AliExpress

Before you make any purchase on AliExpress, make sure you find a good seller. To do this, just check these things:

  • The shop’s reputation
  • Rating and comments left by other customers
  • The number of sales

That’s about it for Nike Air Jordan in AliExpress, but if you still having doubts, leave us a comment, we’ll help you any way we can. 🙂

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