AliExpress: the Chinese Alternative to a Amazon

AliExpress has consolidated itself as one of the global referents when it comes to online-shopping. Media has already started to refer to AliExpress as the chinese Amazon. To put into perspective how fast this chinese store is growing, in 2014, AliExpress made three times more sales than Amazon and eBay put together. Partly, AliExpress’ market leadership is due to the quality and durability of the products it offers at unbeatable prices. We don’t exaggerate when we say that there are products 90% cheaper than in official stores around our area. You can take a look by yourself clicking here to access the online store.

How does AliExpress China Work?

AliExpress works as an intermediary between costumers and the sellers. The chinese company offers a platform where sellers can create their online stores within AliExpress. To control these stores, each of these sellers receives a reference number, which AliExpress uses to ensure they comply with the stipulated rules and regulations and provide and excellent customer service.  When AliExpress acknowledges that customers are satisfied with a store, it will receive reputation points. These are useful reference for consumers when trying to identify the trustworthiness of  seller/store.

If you are still have doubts about this subject, you can always read our article on ¿Cómo identificar a un buen vendedores en AliExpress China? We are certain it will help you as much as the rest of our readers.

What products does AliExpress offer and at what prices?

As there are a lot of sellers in the online store, there is a lot of competition and therefore, the prices you find in AliExpress are extremely low compared to those we find in other online stores. The sellers in AliExpress also offer a broad variety of products; we will truly find everything we can imagine. For example, we can find branded products, shoes, watches, bags, mobile phones, sportswear, dresses, school supplies…

On the down-side: As a consequence of the huge supply and the amount of sellers available at AliExpress, it can be hard to locate the products we are searching for and obtain relevant results when using the search bar .

Does AliExpress ship from China to my country?

Of course, most AliExpress sellers do worldwide shipping, so you don’t need to worry. If we want more information on how to filter and configure our searches in AliExpress to obtain only results of products/sellers that ship to our specific country, take a look at the AliExpress menu bar. Here we will find a section that will allow us to change the currency we want to pay in and the country we want the sellers to ship to. It is really simple.

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