Cheap clothing for Men, Women and Children in AliExpress: Shopping and brand guide

Very few shops offer clothes as cheap as AliExpress. In this macro Chinese shop, you can find thousands of cheap clothing items for women, men, children, or babies. You can even find some for pets!

Also, if you have a business or are thinking about starting one, AliExpress is the perfect place to get wholesale. If you’re interested, just take a look at our guide on how to buy wholesale from China, it will help you find the best deals.

Is it hard to find cheap clothes on AliExpress?

It depends on what you are looking for: if you are looking for clothes, depending on what brand you want, you might not find it. AliExpress only allows sellers with headquarters in China, so 95% of the brands you can find are Chinese.

Cheap Chinese clothes brands

If you don’t care about brands, a lot of the shops in AliExpress offer high-quality clothes at very affordable prices. Among these online shops, Sheinside is one of the best rated: it has thousands of products for women (jackets, shirts, suits, dresses, skirts, blouses, sports clothes, etc…).

Here is a table with the best fashion shops to buy clothes for both women and men on AliExpress:

Clothing for womenCaroline Fashion3 Crowns
Clothing for womenShe inside2 Crowns
Clothing for womenDot Fashion Group2 Crowns
Clothing for womenTomato Butique1 Crown
Clothing for womenNew Fashions1 Crown
Clothing for womenTops Fashion5 Diamonds
Clothing for womenSun Fashions5 Diamonds
Clothing for womenMiss ord Fashion5 Diamonds
Clothing for menWe Best Store2 Crowns
Clothing for menSincerity Fashion2 Crowns
Clothing for menHoldwell Fashion2 Crowns

If you don’t know a lot about AliExpress yet, here is a chart explaining how reputation works in AliExpress:

reputação Tabela AliExpress

This does not mean making a purchase from a seller with two medals is a bad idea: the product rating is a lot more important than the seller’s, who might still be too new to have any relevant reviews. 🙂

Do they have any original brands?

Main article: AliExpress Replicas

Yes, AliExpress does have original occidental brands. Just to give you an idea, the Converse sneakers in AliExpress are original, and you can find them a lot cheaper than in Europe.

Being able to find occidental brands in AliExpress is a fairly new thing, so to help customers find them, AliExpress states using the guaranteed authenticity stamp:

Converse original

Another good way to figure out if the product is original is the price: if it’s too cheap, you can be sure it’s a replica.

Here are some examples of brands for both clothes and shoes sold legally in AliExpress:

Useful filters for shopping

Once you complete your search, you can filter results on the left tab according to various parameters. We strongly recommend this tool because it's very powerful and will save you tons of time. Not only can you filter your search by category, but you can also filter by fabric, color, style, size, length, patterns, neckline, sleeve style, etc…. With all these categories, you are going to find exactly what you are looking for in no time at all!

Search tabs clothing

Cheap clothes for kids and babies in AliExpress

If you want to shop for cheap clothing for babies and children we’ve found a subpage inside AliExpress with a great selection of high-quality products and sellers hand-picked by AliExpress. We highly recommend you take a look at it, you can find super cheap clothes for both boys and girls. Here’s the link.

Happy Families Roupa AliExpress

AliExpress Kids and Babies

How do I know what size to get?

Finding your size can be frustrating and complicated if you don’t know what steps to follow. Here is a guide on how to determine your size in AliExpress. Remember that sizes may vary from seller to seller, so remember to you always investigate before buying.

  • The first thing to do is to take a look at the size chart provided by the seller, you can find it by scrolling down to the middle of the product page. Here you can see the sizes in centimeters and their conversions.
  • Check the seller’s reputation and comments left by previous customers. If they are positive, you can be pretty sure the sizes are regular.
  • VERY important: check reviews by previous customers, if there were any problems with the sizes, usually customers will recommend you pick a size larger or smaller ;).

Okay, the clothes are cheap: but are they good quality?

It’s hard to make any general comments about quality and durability because there are so many sellers offering clothes for both women and men on AliExpress. Our advice is that you always check the seller’s reputation and comments from previous customers before completing your purchase. 

Go to AliExpress.

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