👑 AliExpress Member Points: what they are and how they work

Attention: If you've already purchased from AliExpress, you will have already accumulated member points. You can see how many points and rewards you have in this section.

For a while now, AliExpress has been trying to build customer loyalty with a point system based on the level of purchases. Formerly, this system wasn't very trustworthy, but now this famous website is trying to modernize it, to make it more understandable. Now, according to our level of purchase, we will be a Silver, Gold, Platinum, or Diamond Member.

If you don't buy often at AliExpress but want to get discounts, take a look at our coupon guide. We'll show you some tricks to save money and we'll give you promotional codes.

We will explain to you below the advantages of being a member of AliExpress and how to get more points.

Membership levels: now and then

As we've mentioned previously, this system is not new. For a long time now, AliExpress buyers have been accumulating points with every purchase, thus earning different levels. In the past, the score was divided into 5 levels, depending on the number of points they had accumulated.

Now, the membership system works with ranges of 4 points and is much easier to understand and navigate through. The range goes from Silver Members (between 1 and 100 points) to Diamond members (with more than 1500 points). This system is much more intuitive than the previous one, and now you won't need as many points to reach the maximum membership level.


How to earn AliExpress points to increase your membership level

The point level is based on the points we have accumulated during the last 12 months, and at the end of the month, they're updated. So if in the past month we haven't been active, it's likely that our score will drop. Getting points is very easy and there are 3 ways to get them.

Shopping Points

We will receive points for every purchase we make (with exceptions being if you return an item or if the transaction is deemed fraudulent). You will receive these points when you confirm that you've received your order. You'll earn 5 points for every order of $2 or over (with the maximum being 5 points per day) and you'll even receive extra points for buying items from different categories on the same day.

Fan Points

Being proactive on AliExpress has its rewards, so the point system rewards us with 1 point for each review we make of the products we've received and 1 point for visiting the website on a daily basis (with the maximum points being 10 per month). Additionally, if we publish on AliExpress Club, we will receive 2 points (maximum 10 per month, also).

Bonus Points

These points can be obtained in events and special promotions, so it will be more and more frequent to see promotions linked to this point system on 11/11, Christmas, or all kinds of discounting worthy days.

AliExpress Member Program Rewards and Coupons

Having a good membership level will not only be an advantage in the next sales of AliExpress, but there'll also be advantages during the rest of the year. For the time being, the rewards are the following.

  • Silver and Gold Members: Birthday rewards, anniversary rewards, level-up rewards, and top weekly brands.
  • Platinum Members: Birthday rewards, anniversary rewards, level-up rewards, top weekly brands, exclusive event benefits, and fast refunds.
  • Diamond Members: Birthday rewards, anniversary rewards, level-up rewards, top weekly brands, exclusive event benefits, fast refunds, and limited daily coupons.

As you can see, the levels are very similar, with the two higher levels having more benefits. Let's review each one of these benefits so you know what to expect from them.

Birthday Rewards

On your birthday, AliExpress will send you a personalized congratulation message and offer you special discounts on the top branded items on the website. To be a part of this, you must have your date of birth updated on your AliExpress profile at least 2 days before your birthday.

Anniversary Rewards

Every time our “registration anniversary” (the date of the day we registered at AliExpress) comes up, we will get a personalized message and discount coupons. Similar to birthday gifts and available within all membership levels.

Top weekly brands

Members will find extra discounts on AliExpress' favorite brands. Each week, the platform will choose a featured brand and the members will bet more discounts on said brand.

Level-Up Rewards

Each level has a defined discount on previously selected products that you can find through the member section. Silver Members have a 5% discount, Gold Members have an 8% discount, Platinum Members have a 10% discount and finally, Diamond Members have a 15% discount.

Exclusive Member Prices

On the platform's promotions and discounts, Gold, Platinum, and Diamond members will get exclusive discounts and coupons. You will be able to get exclusive prices on selected items, especially at the big 11/11 AliExpress discount festival.

Fast Refunds

This benefit is only available for Platinum and Diamond members, who can request faster refunds on purchases of a certain value. Platinum members can request this fast refund on purchases up to $24 and Diamond members on purchases up to $100.

How can I find out my AliExpress membership level

To find out if you are a Silver, Gold, Platinum, or Diamond member, just go to “My AliExpress” and click on the “Member Center” sections. There you'll be able to see all the advantages and benefits of AliExpress' point system.

If you're accessing from the AliExpress mobile app, just go to “My Account” and look for the “Member Center” option.

VIP Member Benefits and AliExpress Rewards Day

AliExpress Members have advantages every day. It seems like the point system is succeeding and the platform has found a good way to rewards its more regular buyers. There are more and more advantages for members, such as the AliExpress Rewards Day, a discount promotion where we can find exclusively discounted products for members, and there's also a VIP benefits program, where partners of all categories can earn more discount coupons and fast shipping. The best way to get these benefits is to keep an eye on AliExpress' home page, especially the partner sections of your account, where you'll always be able to find the latest news.

Our opinion about the AliExpress membership club

So far, AliExpress' Member program didn't have many advantages. However, it seems now that they've made a radical change to this system and it can be beneficial for buyers. As time goes by, we'll probably find more promotions and discounts within this club, so don't forget to log in often or rate and review the products you've received to get even more points.

More tips and tricks for shopping at AliExpress: Want to get more coupons?

In our tutorial section, you will find more tips and tricks to buy anything from AliExpress in a safe and reliable way. A good read to get started on your purchases on this famous website is our Essential Buyers Guide for AliExpress, where we explain everything you need to know before you click that buy button.

Do you find this AliExpress point system useful? We'd love to hear from you, so feel free to drop us a comment below!



  1. I’m diamond member.
    Differences in prices? Yes!
    2.79$ for me, not 3.49$ for small eletronics
    4.40$ vs 5$

  2. yes true I’m also a diamond member but got nothing, not even a discount while shopping further.

  3. Melissa Sutphin ·

    I am a Gold member & have spent around 600.00
    As of yet I have not seen the eight percent discount on ANY PURCHASE

  4. I’m Platin memeber, but wihtout any Fan Points. But how is it possible, when I will get for every visit 1 Point and maximum 10/Month.

  5. Kristien Bessemans ·

    exactly same thing.diamond member.birthday and 1st year membership just passed,and nothing

  6. I am a Diamond Member, and it makes no difference to the prices I pay or to the coupons I never receive.
    The entire site is geared towards being used from a mobile phone. Customers with a real computer are an afterthought. Nowhere is this more evident than the OOPS, Slide to Verify error that crops up fairly regularly, presumably people on a mobile phone poke something with their finger to verify whatever it is that needs verifying. Folks on computers have to reach for a mouse and then drag a button across the screen, this verifies whatever needed verifying and then ignores the product search you just entered and takes you back to the page you were on before you had to verify. Very annoying, and has lost AliExpress sales, because some days it’s just easier to go buy it from eBay than to be OOPS and verifying every two minutes.

    Everytime I buy something, I get a picture of a $2 coupon, but I can’t click on it or copy it, it just vanishes without being redeemed, maybe mobile phone users have a different experience, but the whole ‘rewards, coins and coupons’ is just far too difficult to deal with, no matter whether you are a Diamond Member or just someone trying to buy something.

    Trying to get information from the ‘help’ pages is pointless, each page is in a different language and I’ve lost track of the number of times I’ve had to delete my cookies just to get back to English. I’m sure there is a button to click to select English again once the help pages have finished their world tour, but when the said button is labeled in Korean, it’s not a lot of help.

    Since the early hours of the first of January, the checkout has been trying to add ‘tax’ to the purchase price, which increases the price of things to the point where eBay or Banggood are cheaper, so none of the aforementioned issues will bother me from now on, I will not be paying a premium or a tax to buy from AliExpress when other places are selling the same goods at a cheaper price.


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