Cheap Headlights on AliExpress – Shopping Guide

A few months ago we published our post about cheap Flashlights on AliExpress. Given the fact that many sports lovers are looking for a cheap and high performance headlight, today we will show you the best AliExpress models.

This type of flashlights can be very expensive, just look at the Led Lenser flashlights, which can easily cost more than 100 euros. As you can see here, in AliExpress we can find very similar flashlights for less than 20 dollars. They are one of the best selling products of AliExpress given  their good value for money.

Features and guide to choose the best head flashlight

When we start describing the features of these flashlights you may understand everything (if you are an expert in flashlights) or you may start getting confused by so many numbers and specifications… How many lumens does my flashlight need? Is it better with batteries or with a battery pack? Let’s talk briefly on the features of these headlamps so you can decide which one is best for you.

The importance of it being LED

Today we will not find any flashlights that are not LED, the reason for this is their many advantages: they are more efficient, LED emitters have a longer life, consume less energy and have more light power.

Type of LED

There are different types of LEDs, the best are the ones with more power like the XM-L, not only will they last longer, they also have more lighting power. In addition, if you need a large light bulb, it is better to look for flashlights with more than one bulb, which will also provide you with a higher luminous flux.

Batteries or Battery pack

We will find flashlights with batteries and others with rechargeable battery packs. If the flashlight works with lithium batteries we will have the advantage that they provide more voltage and reach a higher intensity than conventional batteries, but in turn, if you plan to use the flashlight for long periods of time and without the possibility of recharging it, it may be better to opt for battery-operated flashlights.


This is another important fact to keep in mind: what’s the range of my flashlight. This data, provided by the sellers themselves, tells us how far away the last point of visibility is with an illumination of 0.25 lux, the minimum light density for a place to be considered illuminated.

Here are our favorite AliExpress headlamps: cheap and high quality

No we are going to show you our favorite headlamps, as you will see many resemble some well-known brands such as Cree or Fenix but for much less money. If you want to see all the variety of headlamps in AliExpress you can do so by clicking here.

Headlamp of up to 13000 lumens

This first headlight we recommend is the one with the highest sales in AliExpress, with more than 5000 sales. It is a flashlight that reaches a luminous power of up to 13000 lumens thanks to its 3 led emitters: a central XM-L T6 type emitter and two XM-L R5 emitters in the side spotlights. It works with two rechargeable batteries type 18650 (included) that can give an autonomy of up to 3 hours without recharging. In short, this is a very cheap flashlight with good power, ideal for those who need good lighting conditions at night without spending a lot of money.

Headlamp with zoom

Our second choice is this headlamp with aesthetics very similar to the Led Lenser H14 but with a much better price, only 5 euros. It’s a flashlight with zoom, so we can adjust the distance of the light bulb manually. In this case its light power reaches about 3000/5000 lumens thanks to its transmitter LED CREE XM-L T6/L2. It works with 2 lithium batteries type 18650 (incorporated) and has 3 modes of operation: maximum brightness, medium brightness and flashing lights for emergencies. We also have to highlight its lightness: only 175 gr, so it is a flashlight that is both comfortable and practical.


Headband flashlight

This flashlight we are showing you now is perfect if you want a powerful light but you are looking for something smaller and more comfortable than the previous ones. Its color and design also reminds us of the Led Lenser H7 but at a tenth of the price of the original. It reaches 1200 lumens thanks to its Q5 LED emitter. It may seem like less power compared to previous flashlights, but if you compare it with other known brands, it’s a lot of power, the only difference is that the range of light will be less than the previous ones, but it can illuminate perfectly to about 200 meters. It works with 3 AAA batteries (not included) and like in the previous model, you have the option of zoom to adjust the focus of light according to the distance. It is very light, 92 gr, as can be noticed from its small size, which makes it ideal for those who seek comfort above all.

Headlamp with 5 LEDs and 15000 lumens

If you are looking for the highest possible light output, this headlamp is a good choice, as it reaches 15,000 lumens thanks to its 5 LED emitters (3 type T6 and 2 type Q5). In addition, you can choose whether the two lights type Q5 emit white or blue light (if you choose blue the total power will go down to 10000 lumens). It is one of the most powerful flashlights we have seen, although its weight also increases considerably compared to previous ones. It works with 2 rechargeable batteries type 18650 and the head can be adjusted to change the direction of the light beam easily.

Light headlamp with 1500 lumens

What we like about this flashlight here is its minimalist design, ideal for those looking for a simple and light design. The battery (not included) goes in the same body as the led light, so it doesn’t have to be positioned at the back, and easily reaches 1500 lumens. It is perfect for night-time outings where you do not need a long range but you need to prioritize the weight as much as possible.

Nitecore, the best brand when it comes to flashlights and batteries

Finally, we always like talking about a renowned brand of Chinese origin that makes a difference and stands out. In this case, the Nitecore brand seemed to be the most appropriate. This is a company founded in 2007 specializing in high power and quality batteries and flashlights. As you can see here, their products can be easily found in AliExpress. As for their headlamps, they have a bit pricier than the previous ones, because although the brand is of Chinese origin, its main market is abroad. On online pages we find them at double or triple the price of AliExpress.

The most popular one is the Nitecore HC60W, which has LED CREE XM-L2 lights. It is a flashlight with a rechargeable battery, compact and light, which reaches a maximum power of 1000 lumens. Its 3400 mAh lithium battery can provide an autonomy of up to 680 hours (depending on the power at which we use it). It is designed with a dual cooling system to avoid overheating, and has a light beam angle of 100º. In short, this is an excellent flashlight with many degrees of customization of light output and a fully detailed description, and in addition to the high quality of its materials it is very light (only 98.5 gr without battery).

More tips and tricks for shopping safely in AliExpress

In addition to reviews and buying guides of the best AliExpress products, in AlixBlog we have a section called “how to” where you can find the best tips and tricks to save money on your purchases and learn how to buy safely in this famous online sales page. If you haven't used it yet, take a look at our essential AliExpress guide, we explain how to start shopping and everything you need to know.

Have you already bought a headlamp on AliExpress? We'd love to hear from you, don't hesitate to leave us a comment below with your shopping experience.

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