Cheap Nike Air Max sneakers in AliExpress and other online stores – UPDATED

Like many other cheap Nike sneakers, in AliExpress you can find almost all the Air Max models (including the Nike Air Max 90) for a much lower price than you are used to. Many of the Air Max sold in AliExpress are replicas, yes, but they are also more and more sellers offering originals.

How do I know if the cheap Nike Air Max in AliExpress are fake or not?

If you are looking for sellers offering original Nike Air Max, my advice is to go to this search. You’ll see a lot of sneakers with this icon underneath:

Nike air max original shoes in aliexpress

This icon means “Guaranteed Authenticity” and when a seller features it, he’s committing to distribute an original product. If by any chance the product isn’t original, AliExpress will give you back up to double the price you paid originally. This being said, chances of this are extremely rare.

ADVICE: If you are having trouble figuring out if the Nike Air Maz are original, just take a look at the price. If you find some for 30€, we can assure you they are replicas.

AliExpress Stores with guaranteed authenticity

Once again, here at AlixBlog we’d like to make you search easier, so we’ve listed three of the sellers that up until this day (mid October) sell Air Max sneakers with guaranteed authenticity:

Best Sports Stores3 diamondsSee Air Max catalogue
Relee Sports Shop2 diamondsSee Air Max catalogue
Olympic Sports Flagship Store1 diamondSee Air Max catalogue
Top Sports Flagship Store5 medalsSee Air Max catalogue

In any case, if you are interested in purchasing some original Air Max you can always try looking for other sellers on your own, as stocks run out quick, so depending on when you look at it, this table won’t be much use.

On the other hand, these three sellers seem to restock pretty fast, so chances are you will probably be able to get your Nike Air Max in AliExpress from one of them.

Remember to check your size. If you can’t figure it out, just talk to the seller directly by using the chat option. They usually answer within 24 hours and will be able to help with this and any other doubts you might have.

How to find trustworthy sellers

As usual, more than the seller’s rating (even thought I wouldn't recommend one without any crowns), our advice is that you pay more attention to the rating of the product and the number of units sold: the more sales, the higher the rating and better chances of getting a good product.

This being the case, the most reasonable thing to do, when you start the search, is to sort the products by number of sales:

Cheap air max shoes in aliexpress

Then check the individual rating of every product:

Aliexpress nike airmax reviews

I personally think a good rating is above 90-92%, but if you have any doubts just try taking a look at what customers from other countries as well as your own have to say…

How do sizes for sneakers work in AliExpress

As a general rule, Nike sneakers use the same size chart:

Nike airmax

All you have to do is convert your size to the measurement used by the seller, usually, the American one. If you are having doubts, just ask the seller directly. They usually answer within 24 hours and are the ones best suited to answer your questions.

How much do Air Max cost in AliExpress?

You can find originals for 80€, a real deal if you consider that original don’t go for less than 100€ in regular shops like Footlocker. Now let’s take a look at other platforms to purchase cheap Nike Air Max.

We thought about listing the Air Max sneaker models you can find in AliExpress, but honestly it’s easier if you just a look yourself, here.

An alternative to Nike Air Max: the Chinese brand Onemix

If you are looking for a cheap alternative for Nike sneakers, take a look at Onemix. It’s a Chinese white label brand. Their shoes aren’t replicas so to speak, but they are quite similar. If you are looking to save some money, you can get a pair of Onemix running for only 50€.

Onemix runing sneakers cheap and good quality best alternative

They have a lot of sales and pretty good ratings. I can’t say much yet as we haven’t bought any personally, but I’m seriously considering this my next investment. I’ll keep you posted .

Other platforms to purchase cheap Nike Air Max

You can find Nike Air Max pretty much anywhere on internet: AliExpress, Amazon, eBay, Asos… There are so many of them, chances are you are going to run into some last minute deal. There isn’t much price difference, but hey, nobody ever complained about saving a little money…

On a side note if you are in a rush to get them, you might want to consider shipping time. As you may know AliExpress products take 15-20 days to ship, because their products come from China. However, with Amazon or eBay, you might be able to have them in less than a week! Our advice is that you always check shipping price and see if there is any way to get them shipped free, it may not seem important, but it will make all the difference in saving some extra money.

Amazon: original sneakers, affordable and 24h shipping

In case you are still wondering where to get original Nike Air Max at the best price, the answer is simple: Amazon.

Buying Nike Air Max in AmazonYou can find them on Amazon for something in between 60 to 150€ depending on the size and model, but normally they will go for anything above 80€.

I strongly recommend you try Amazon above any other shop, not only do they have great products, you also get the product wishing 24 hours and it’s almost always free. Now I’ll tell you why it’s “almost always” free…

How to get free shipping on Amazon

Amazon has free shipping within 24 hours for some of their products, but not all of them. But there’s a way to get it no matter your purchase: all you have to do is sign up for Amazon Prime to get 24h free shipping. Amazon Prime is a great service for 20€ a year, but you can get a 30 day free trial, and that’s exactly what we are going to do to get free shipping.

Then if you don’t want to pay 20€ for the Amazon Prime service, just cancel your subscription once you received your product before the trial ends.

Click here to see the Nike Air Max in Amazon.

Asos: an unknown platform gaining terrain

Asos is another interesting option to consider especially since they announced free shipping for some countries.

All their products are 100% original and although they may be a bit more expensive than Amazon, they tend to have some pretty good discounts and promotions:


In our opinion, one of the best things about Asos is that they have a wide variety of models, even some “rare” ones that you can’t find on other websites.

Click here to see the catalogue of Nike Air Max on Asos.

Another option: Nike Air Max on eBay

Remember that eBay offers a lot of second hand products or with defects (like an outlet), so the best option is to click on “New” to filter out products we might not be interested in. This is a good option considering how cheap some of their Air Max are, but you might have to spend a little extra on shipment.

Buying nike air max in ebay

You can find AirMax on eBay for 60 to 80-90€.

IMPORTANT: There are a lot of replicas on eBay so be careful! They are pretty easy to tell apart, being a lot cheaper than originals. The difference being here there is no guaranteed authenticity icons (we are still trying to figure out why people talk so much about replicas in AliExpress, while the ones on eBay go fairly unnoticed…)

You might be tempted to get a cheap pair, but we would advise you against it given that most seller on eBay use a method called drop shipping. The way this works is, once you have given then the money, they go to a different company (usually a Chinese replica supplier in AliExpress), purchase the product and then tell the supplier to sent it to you.

It’s not a con, but the intermediary does gets an extra commission. Personally, rather than giving the money to the drop shipper, I’d rather go directly to the Chinese supplier.

Check out the Air Max on eBay

Still having any doubts? Tell us about it!

If you have any doubts or would like some more advice on shopping Nike Air Max, just leave us a comment, we’ll be happy to help ;).

Go see the Air Max sneakers in AliExpress.

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