How to resell Shein clothing and make money

Shein is a Chinese online fashion, beauty and accessories store for women and men. If you have ever visited or shopped on the site, you will already know that it has a large catalog of products and that its prices are very competitive.

This has made many people wonder if it is possible to sell Shein products among your neighbors to make a profit.

Today, we'll tell you everything you need to know about how to make money selling Shein clothing.

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Can I resell Shein clothing?

Reading the terms and conditions of the company we find that in principle it is not allowed to sell, reproduce, modify their clothes by third parties without authorization.

It would seem that the possibilities of selling are null but, why are there people who do it without having problems?

Here are some points you should consider.

Basically, if you do not buy hundreds of products to set up a Shein parallel store, it is very difficult to raise suspicions. It is a store that operates worldwide and in large quantities so they can't have total control of every single item they sell.

Likewise, you should not alter their designs, labels or garments by passing them off as your own as this could mean a more serious problem than reselling.

People who resell do so under personal store profiles, something like small second-hand stores. Many times they offer products from different stores like Shein in small quantities. You won't have any problems operating this way.

So, all in all, you can rest assured: there is no problem if you resell Shein clothing.

How to sell?

Most people who decide to start selling do it as a second job or to get some extra income, since it does not demand too much of their time.

You have two ways of doing business:

Buy to resell with an added cost

Here what you do is use your money to buy stock from the store and then resell it to your neighbors or online.

The advantage of this modality is that you will be able to make a tailor-made business. Basically, you will be able to sell clothes of a certain style or type. For example, you could choose from Shein's huge catalog to create your own style: for example, you could specialize in men's sports outfits or evening dresses.

To the price you have paid for the products you will have to add a percentage that will be your profit. If you make your business more personalized (offering payment facilities, bags and cards, home delivery), you may be able to get a higher percentage and build customer loyalty.

However, this way of selling has the disadvantage that you choose the clothes (and sizes) before you know what your customer needs, which reduces your offer to those who are interested in buying from you.

Being a middleman selling at page prices

Many people are still reluctant to buy online and prefer to have someone else do it for them: that's where you come in.

You would be the intermediary between Shein and your buyers, a sort of shopping facilitator. But for that you have to sell yourself as such: you have to get customers, and you will see that little by little and with the help of word of mouth, there will be more and more clients.

The customer sees the Shein catalog from their computer or cell phone and then passes on to you the products they wants to buy. You will be in charge of gathering orders from several customers and adding them to your cart to place an order. Once they arrive, you will be in charge of receiving it and distributing it to the individual shoppers.

Your profit can come from saving by ordering a lot of products at once (more on this later) but you can also charge a commission for each purchase you make. You set the amount. But beware! There may be some competition, so keep that in mind.

Here you may not need such a big capital to start, some sellers ask the buyer for half of the value before making the purchase and the other half once they receive the product. Others ask for the total value at the beginning. But well, that depends on you and your possibilities.

By offering your services as an intermediary you will not have any legal problems. Besides, you make sure that the customer will indeed be able to have the product and the size they want.

How to make a profit?

Besides the commissions you can charge for your service or the percentage you add to the value of the product, there are other ways to increase your margin.

Coupons and promotional codes

This is a good way to pay less for your order. There are different ways to get them:

  • With your registration in the store and on your first purchase, you can get discounts of different percentages.
  • By subscribing to the newsletter you will also get a promotional code and free shipping if you are a new buyer of the store.
  • You can visit the site daily, new promotions often appear that you can take advantage of.
  • You can get Shein coupons off the site. Some websites and influencers have their own discounts.
  • We also recommend simply googling “Shein coupons“. There is almost always a valid option.

But keep in mind that sometimes coupons and promo codes are not compatible with the rebates Shein offers.

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Free Shipping

The store offers this possibility when you exceed a certain amount in your purchase or on some special days, especially on Sundays. We recommend that you visit the site daily to keep up to date and be able to catch them immediately.

Gift Cards

This is another option you should consider as they are cheaper than the amount they represent. To give you an idea, a $100.00 gift card costs $90.00.

To see which gift card is right for you click here.


Main article: How to earn Shein points

Shein has a points system where you can earn points every time you shop on the site. You can also earn points every time you post comments and images about products.

These points are transformed into discounts on your future purchases, which means more profit margin for you.

100 Shein points are equal to $1.00, and you can earn up to 2000 points per day.

If you want to know more about Shein points click here.

Where to sell?

As you should not pretend to get big immediate economic returns from these sales, we recommend that you start within your close circle. You can opt for:

Social media

Whether you decide to invest or be an intermediary, you must advertise. Interacting with customers and publishing content will make your business grow. Today everything goes through social media, so a good way to make your known is by opening an account on Instagram.

To sell stock you will need to take pictures of it. Create your own aesthetic and style, and post those photos often to earn a place in your followers' memories.

The same if you offer your service as a buying intermediary: you can take photos of other customers' orders, upload outfit ideas, make informative posts about what you do, collect opinions about your service, etc.

Group sales

You can create groups in which you can announce the products you have available at that moment or the ones you will have available soon.

This way you can also set the dates on which you will place orders if you are an intermediary. We recommend you to do it only once or twice a month, so you will be able to gather a significant amount of orders and reduce costs.

In addition, if you place many large orders per month you could attract Shein's attention.

Private-to-private sales platforms

Facebook Marketplace or Letgo are excellent free options to give visibility to your business.

But remember to choose the app that is most used among your audience.

Virtual store

Complementing the other two options, you could choose to open an online store on sites like Shopify.

It is a good way to sell to individuals in an organized way.

You create your store, upload and configure your product files, and that's it. Each customer chooses what's available in your store, makes their payment and establishes how they prefer to receive it.

However, this type of site will charge you a commission.

Summary of tips

Finally, we leave you with this list of tips that can help you to organize and encourage you to sell in either of the two ways explained above.

Selling at page price (intermediary)

  1. Look for clients: when it comes to starting a business you must create a network of relationships. Your friends, acquaintances and family can tell other people about your service. This way you will become known and gain clients.
  2. Create diffusion groups and social networks: if there are more and more interested people, you can create diffusion groups in your favorite messaging service. At the same time, a profile on Instagram could help you make yourself known to more people. There you can let them know the dates when you are going to place orders and all the necessary information.
  3. Collect points and coupons: this point is essential to generate your profits. You will sell the products at the price listed in Shein but through these discounts you will pay them at a lower price.
  4. Establish your payment method: you must inform your customers how to pay for their products. You can choose to charge them a part before or all of it when they receive it. You should also establish whether or not you will charge them a small commission for the service.
  5. Place the order: when you manage to gather several products from customers in your cart, it's time to make the purchase. We recommend placing two or three orders per month so that you can organize yourself better and so that you don't have any problems when it comes to receiving them.
  6. Deliver the orders: coordinate with the buyers the ways, days and schedules. Keep in mind that if you deliver to their homes, you could provide a better service and make them come back to make purchases with you.

Selling with an extra cost (reseller)

  1. Establish your initial budget: you do not need large quantities to start. For example, you could buy between 10 and 20 garments, and pay between $100.00 and $150.00. Consider the option of financing your purchase if you do not have liquidity.
  2. Establish payment method: decide if your customers should pay in cash, PayPal, transfers or with credit cards in monthly installments. You can also create a virtual store (Shopify or similar) and charge through it.
  3. Define your style: to do it professionally you should choose to dedicate yourself to a single category of clothing. This way you will be able to consolidate your target customer type and build customer loyalty.
  4. Start an Instagram account: this is the best way to advertise your business. You can even pay for advertising (it has very low costs), thus making people in your area know about your business.
  5. Get points and coupons: remember that price surcharges can't be that high, so this is a way to increase your profits.
  6. Make the purchase: once you have decided what you want to sell, it is time to choose the products. Take into account diversity in sizes and models to attract more customers. Remember that it is not necessary to buy 100 garments at the beginning.
  7. Photograph the garments and keep your networks active: make small productions at home and take pictures that look nice and show the attributes of the garments. Everything goes in through the eyes so consider the lighting and take shots from different angles. Upload photos daily so that Instagram's algorithm shows you often to your followers.
  8. Collect and ship the garments to customers: Once the orders come in you can take care of putting together other custom bags for you: make your own stamps and cards. Set up drop-off points, pick-ups or home deliveries and get paid for the products.
  9. Make your business legal: when you have already made a couple of sales (5-10 garments), we recommend that you register as an entrepreneur. This way you will be able to stay in compliance and declare your earnings legally. It can be an interesting option if you plan to consolidate your business in the medium-long term.
Warning: with this trick you can get unlimited Shein coupons. Click here to find out more.

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