Why is my Shein order not updating?

When you buy from Shein, the platform itself informs you of the delivery time. If you place an order with a tracking number, you can also see where the order is going. However, not everything is as nice as it seems: sometimes the package tracking shows no activity for several days.

Here are the most common reasons why your Shein order is not progressing. Remember that you can find more information about the most common delivery problems here.

Tracking at Shein: why is my order stuck?

When an order is not progressing, there is not just one explanation. There can be different causes. Depending on the status of the tracking or how long it has been stopped, you will be able to know what has happened, but these are the most common problems:

Not enough time has passed

If you've just started online shopping, you probably don't know how long you have to wait for the tracking to progress. It usually takes a few days for the order to be picked up, passes through several states while it's in the country of origin, and then takes a little longer until it arrives in your country.

If tracking shows no new activity in 10 days, you should start to worry. Except if the last movement shows that it has left the country of origin, in that case, we recommend you to wait a little longer.

System crashes

It's also important to note that tracking can slow down or not update properly. When there are many packages, the system collapses and orders take longer than expected.

This happens especially during special dates such as Christmas, Black Friday, or sales where many people place orders. The collapse can occur in the country of origin or also in the country of destination.

Shipment is not tracked

In some countries, Shein has a shipping method called “Economy Shipping”. This means that it doesn't have a tracking number (although it's not specified on the page). Normally, this type of shipping takes longer to arrive because it's not a priority for the shipping company. Because of this, it's best to use standard shipping, which includes a tracking number.

Your package has changed its tracking number

In some countries, when the order arrives in the hands of the carrier handling the order, it changes the tracking number. However, Shein doesn't display the new number, so to see further updates on your order, you will have to use the new tracking number.

Customs is checking the package

All packages go through customs twice: in the country of origin (to check that it's not carrying anything illegal) and at the destination (where they check if it complies with customs regulations). This doesn't mean that you have to pay customs. However, the review in your country usually takes a few days.

If you see that it's been stuck in customs for many days, it's possible that customs will ask you for more information about the order to release it.

What to do when Shein's tracking does not progress

As we've already said, there are several reasons why the order isn't progressing; however, for all of them, you can follow the same advice that we explain below:

1. Check the tracking on another page

Although on Shein the tracking is updated quite frequently, sometimes the system fails. That's why we recommend you to copy the tracking number and check it on other sites, where sometimes you can see the package updates faster than on Shein's system.

You can use different sites: like 17track.net, Aftership, Postal Ninja… These sites track the number in the database of different shipping companies. If the order has arrived in your country, we also recommend you to look at the tracking number on the page of the shipping company that is handling the order.

2. Contact the shipping company

This tip is only useful if the order doesn't move forward when it arrives in the destination country. In this case, you can contact the company that is handling the order to find out if there's a problem. They will almost always reply that the package is on its way and that you have to wait, but sometimes it can be useful if the package is in customs.

3. Wait patiently

Sometimes orders are simply delayed. So the solution in many cases is to wait a little longer to see if your order moves. Your money is protected, so in case the order doesn't arrive, you can always get your money back.

4. Contacting Shein

Main article: How to contact Shein

Finally, if none of the tricks work, the best thing to do is to contact Shein's customer service from this link. The agents of the platform can give you more indications about the status of your order.

If they see that there's a problem with the order and there's little hope that it will arrive, or simply if a long time has passed, and it hasn't arrived, they will refund us the money for your order. The money will arrive to you through the same payment method or directly in your Shein wallet.

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