🛍️ The 11 11 Shopping Festival is over, but there are still great deals on AliExpress

Update November 13th: Even though this years 11 11 is over, there are still plenty more products on sale and shopping festivals to come this year. Just to name a few, we have Black Friday, Cyber Monday, AliExpress Spring and Summer Sales…

If when you are reading this article you are caught between sales festivals, you can always take a look at our AliExpress coupon , welcome coupon and select coupon guides where we show you how to save the most on every purchase. In addition you can also check out the offer pages of the following categories, here you will find daily discounted products.

Note: this post is a guide to 11/11 special offers, but you can also take a look at our AliExpress Sales section, where you will find the latest and best offers.

That long-awaited time of year is here again: the 11.11 AliExpress online shopping festival. It does not need an introduction because 11.11 is a tradition of discounts of Asian origin, which has already become one of the most special dates on this platform. During these promotions, we will find thousands of discounted products, discount coupons, raffles, and much more. As every year, we bring you all you need to know to get the most out of it and save money on your AliExpress purchases.

As always, the discounts will be held on November 11 from 12:00 AM PT and will end on November 12 at 11:59 PM PT. This year, AliExpress is going to offer the best discounts. And with the boom in online shopping, a large volume of buyers is expected, so we recommend that you continue reading and prepare well, in order to get the best discounts and coupons and save as much as possible on your purchases.

Before 11.11, prepare your shopping cart to get coupons and discounts

Spending a little time before 11/11 can save us a lot of money during the shopping festival. AliExpress will launch promotions related to this popular event from October 28 at 12:00:00 AM PT so that you don't have to wait until the last minute to prepare your purchases and you can also find some contests and discounts through the mobile application. You can now see all the discounts from this link.

Step 1: Win coupons and coins for 11.11

Let's get straight to the point: the first thing you have to do before the shopping festival starts to get coupons and discounts is going to the coupon center on 11.11, which you can access by clicking here. You will find seller coupons from the most popular stores on AliExpress participating in the promotion. You will be able to see the amount of the coupon and what is the minimum purchase to be able to apply it.

They are separated by category and you can even see a selection of coupons based on your tastes and purchases. Through this page you can also access the stores, some have already selected their star products with a discount for the festival, and although you will not be able to see the final price, you can see what type of products will have a discount and save them in your cart.

By adding products to your cart you can also get coins, this is important since these coins can be exchanged for discount coupons and the sooner you start collecting them, the easier it will be to exchange them for coupons.

Step 2: Start looking special offers and discounts

You can find all the offers by type of product through the main page of the festival through this link. AliExpress has selected the best discounts in the following categories:

  • Discounts by style –  Selection of discount products according to your lifestyle.
  • Top discounts up to 80% – Products with up to 80% discount
  • Bestsellers– Offers on essential products for this discount festival.
  • Top brands – The best Chinese brands with big special offers on their products.
  • Local warehouses – Get your purchases faster with these offers with nacional shipment.

Step 3: Invite your friends and get more discounts

As usual, this festival will allow you to earn more discounts and coins through games. This year we will also find more possibilities to get coupons by inviting our friends to buy on AliExpress.

We will have up to 8 different games or challenges to get coupons and coins: win part of a prize US $1.000.000, win products for $ 0.01, coin games, or the shopping bonus challenge that allows us to get a discount coupon that, since it is 11.11, it will be up to $ 160. All these games will be available through the mobile app, you just have to download it and search for 11.11.

Important: Below are last year's promotions and events. As we get more information about this year's activities, we will update the article.

The 11.11 Shopping Festival is a date that no longer needs introduction. This popular Asian tradition has become the biggest discount party for pages like AliExpress. A few days away from this much awaited date we already have all the information on the main events.

As every year in our blog we bring you an article that summarizes all the offers, news and bargains that you can find during the 11.11 AliExpress festival. Saving is even easier this year as you will find more discounts and coupons than previous occasions. Ready to start the coupon hunt? 🙂

How to take advantage of the countless offers and coupons to get the best deals

The most interesting thing about this years offers is that we can get endless discounts and coupons to save money on our purchases. There are many ways to get ahold of these coupons:

  • October 28-November 1: Get selection coupons and coins by adding products to the basket.
  • November 1-6: Games to get coupons and exclusive coupons from the best sellers.
  • November 6-11: If you're late, don't worry, you can also get the last discount coupons for 11.11.

In order not to miss out on any promotion we recommend you access the 11.11 Shopping Guide by clicking here. In it you will find all the promotions that are already active.

How do the AliExpress coupons work during the 11.11 Shopping Festival

Remember that there are several types of coupons, all of them are cumulative and will allow us to save more money:

    • Select Coupons: They are easily available through the stores or on the 11.11 promotion page. They can only be applied in stores that accept them and with a minimum purchase amount.
  • AliExpress coupons: They are suitable for all products and shops, whether or not they participate in the 11.11 festival offers, and you can even apply them to shopping baskets of several vendors, which is why they are very interesting. They have a minimum purchase amount
  • Welcome Coupons: If this is your first time shopping on AliExpress, you can get discount coupons.
  • Seller Coupons: Can only be applied to the selected store, and with a minimum amount.
  • Discount Codes: Apply when paying, they are hard to find, we recommend you to pay attention to AliExpress' social networks.

Find out more about these coupons and how to combine them in our Definitive AliExpress Coupon Guide. In the Coupon Centre, which you can access from this link, you'll also find more information and a short guide to understanding how all these coupons work.

AliExpress Featured Brands and Offers for 11.11

To get the best deals you need to be pay attention to the AliExpress 11.11 Promotion Home Page, which you can access by clicking here. You can quickly find at a glance a selection of products and featured brands on offer, access the coupon centre or see more offers in each category.

This Eleven Eleven Shopping Festival is the best opportunity to get great bargains from AliExpress' featured brand, these are products that AliExpress vouches for and certifies they meet high quality standards.

Also, this year you will find discount rounds in which we can get discount coupons for sellers, so checkout this link. We'll leave you with our favourite featured brands but you can find way more by accessing the different categories in the 11 11 sales page.

Electronics from the best brands

Find all top brands, featured stores and discounted products here. These offers are worth considering:

    • Xiaomi Products: The most popular Chinese electronics brand has great offers for this festival, and in this link you can find all their discounts. We highlight the Xiaomi Mi Band 4, the Xiaomi scooter and robotic vacuum cleaners.
    • Yi Cameras: Xiaomi's cameras have their own brand. This 11.11 you can find them cheaper by clicking here.
    • Amazfit Smart Watches: If you're looking for the best Chinese Smartwatch, check out these Amazfit offers. It's the best chance to buy their latest releases at a great price.
    • AUN projectors: These projectors  will allow you to enjoy your favorite shows and movies on a big screen and without investing much money, take a looks at the amazing prices here.
    • Bluedio sound systems: If your passion is music, do not miss this opportunity to get one of these speakers or Bluedio headphones at the best price.

Smartphones for everyone

If you want to renew your phone, don't miss all the offers on the best mobile brands this 11.11 here. These are our favorites:

  • Realme mobiles: This new brand is kicking ass in the cheap and high-performance phone market. In this link you can find all the offers.
  • Xiaomi Smartphones: Great discounts as you can see here. You can find their latest releases at the best price.
  • Huawei and it's little brother Honor: These two brands also have interesting offers for the AliExpress shopping festival. Check out the official Huawei store in this link and click here the see the Honor page.
  • Vivo Brand: If you want a cheap mobile from a brand that is becoming more and more known, we recommend you to take a look at these offers from Vivo mobiles.

Low cost appliances

With the expansion of the AliExpress Plaza portal, finding cheap appliances is easier than ever.

  • Cecotec: The Valencian brand offers very interesting discounts and coupons during the 11.11 as you can see in this link, do not think about it too much, their products sell quick.
  • Robot vacuum cleaners iLIFE: Clicking here you will find all the offers of one of the best brands when it comes to cheap Roomba robots.
  • KBAYBO aroma diffusers: It is the most popular brand to buy aroma diffusers, a small appliance that perfumes our home. Find all their offers in this link.

Toys for the little ones

The AliExpress sales festival can help us save money this Christmas, already buy some toys with all the offers you will find here. The most successful toys are:

  • Official Disney: If you are looking for cheap and official Disney gifts, the famous company has opened authorized stores on AliExpress like this one.
  • Children's Drones: For those who want to enjoy these gadgets without spending a lot of money, AliExpress has some brands of cheap drones like Eachine, check out all their offers here.
  • Marvel Action Figures: The youngest in the family will also be able to get toys from their favorite super heroes at the best price. All these Marvel toys are discounted.
  • Lego Building Blocks: If your kids like construction games, don't hesitate and get your Lego kits during the festival, here you'll find a great variety. Here is a guide to finding Chinese Legos in AliExpress.


For those who want to always have their home in perfect condition, this 11.11 is the best time to save money on your tools. In this link you will find all the discounts, and below our favorite brands:

  • Deko Tools: A brand that's been time in AliExpress. Here you can see all the offers.
  • Livolo Mechanisms: If you want to change plugs and switches in your home without spending a lot of money, take advantage of these offers from Livolo, experts on intelligent switches.
  • Pro Stormer Tools: Now you can get their products clicking here.

Clothes and accessories to renew your wardrobe

Like every year, the 11.11 shopping festival is the best opportunity to renew your wardrobe and get ready for the new season. You will find clothes, accessories and complements for the whole family:

  • Womenswear: Get fashionable with the latest trends at the best price with these offers.
  • Men's clothing: This is your chance to renew your wardrobe at a discount. Find the best prices here.
  • Footwear: Boots, sandals, shoes and all types of footwear for men and women with discount on this link.
  • Complements: Complete your look with the best fashion accessories, everything from sunglasses to caps can be found here at a discount.
  • Bags and suitcases: Check out  these discounts.
  • Fashion jewellery and watches: Earrings, rings, watches and much more here.

What is the AliExpress global shopping festival?

In China, the 11th November is  known as the ‘Day of the Bachelors’ (also referred to as the Chinese anti-saint valentine), this is due to the four ‘1’s that formulate the date (11 – 11) and that, according to popular belief in China, resemble leafless trees. The Chinese consumerists celebrate this day enjoying a great number of promotions and sales provided by major e-commerce corporations.

For these e-commerce companies, this is the biggest party of the year on an international level. Big companies such as Alibaba, Group China, Jingdong or Dangdang become the main protagonists when dealing with online transactions. Just looking at last years 11 11 Shopping Festival, the Alibaba group made no less then 5,7 billion dollars in 24h, beating all global online sales records.

AliExpress, one of the largest online sales platforms of Chinese origin, always offers discounts and coupons and every year beats online sales record. During 11.11 you will find millions of products with discounts of up to 70%, coupons, promotions and express offers.

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