What carrier does AliExpress use in the US?

You're looking into ordering something from AliExpress, but are unsure about the whole shipping process? We've already talked about AliExpress' shipping methods in a previous article, but today we'll tell you everything you need to know about the carrier used in US deliveries.

Which carrier company will take care of your package? AliExpress usually doesn't give us a lot of clues besides the fact that the USPS is the one who will deliver your package (unless stated otherwise), but there are some tricks that allow us to know which company you will get.

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Which companies deliver AliExpress packages?

Before we get into any specifics, you must know that if your package is delivered from China, it could potentially be managed by different companies such as Sinyou, Cainiao, 4px, Yanwen…

Once the package gets to the United States, it can be received by companies such as Pitney Bowes – Newgistics or YunExpress. However, all of them end up being delivered through the USPS (or FedEx in some cases), unless you've chosen a shipping method that delivers by another private courier.

Here are some more tips on how to find out who delivers your AliExpress packages.

Check the shipping method

Sometimes it's easier to check the shipping method, since at times it indicates which company will manage the delivery of your order. Especially if you've ordered something that's located in an American warehouse, or is a domestic shipment within the US.

  • AliExpress Standard Shipping – delivered by USPS, registered mail.
  • AliExpress Saver Shipping – delivered by USPS, ordinary or regular shipping.
  • AliExpress Premium Shipping – picked up by companies such as Pitney Bowes – Newigistics / YunExpress or sent directly through USPS.
  • Cainiao – delivered by USPS and on some occassions, other last-mile companies.

In many cases, the seller indicates in the product description who will handle the order and how long it will take to get to you.

If you made your purchase without paying much attention to this, take a look at the order detail, where you can see which shipping method you selected when you placed the order.

Check the tracking

Another option you have is to look at the tracking of the package. You will almost always find clues as to who delivered your package. Sometimes you just need to look at the AliExpress tracking.

If you don't see any information about the company that manages the order and the package comes from China, we recommend you to check the tracking number through Cainiao, the AliExpress shipping company that's in charge of managing the package.

When you access Cainiao, it will tell you which shipping company is in charge of managing your order, and they will also provide you with the contact phone number in case you have any problems with the delivery.

If you see the message “more logistics info”, clicking on it will send you to the page of the transport company that manages the delivery.

If this method doesn't work for you, we also recommend tracking your package through websites such as 17track.net or ParcelsApp. These sites show you details of which logistics company is guarding the parcel. Now, if you're in the United States, most packages are delivered to your doorstep or left in a PO Box (whether near your house or office). This is usually what happens with most shipping methods (AliExpress Standard Shipping, Cainiao, Yanwen, Sunyou Singapore Post…).

If your AliExpress order is about to be delivered through the USPS, it's very useful to check your tracking through their website: usps.com. However, if you choose a private courier such as FedEx, EMS, or DHL, they will let you know through an email or a text message the exact time the package will be delivered to you.

Frequently asked questions about package deliveries on AliExpress

Now, we'll answer some of your most frequently asked questions in regards to this topic.

Will the company notify me before delivery?

Some companies notify you by SMS or email that they have your package and will deliver it in a few days. In the case of the United States, USPS will contact you and let you know there's a package due to get to you in a few days. However, this is not usual: the most normal thing is that one day they knock on your door and deliver the package just like that.

On some occasions, the delivery person will call us before delivering the package (when it's en route to our address) to check if you're at home. If you're not at home, they will leave the package where the address states.

Will my package be left in the mailbox or at home?

If the package is registered, it will be delivered by hand and signed for at the address you have indicated. Although most carriers nowadays don't ask for identification, sometimes they do ask for the ID of the person receiving the package.

If the package is ordinary, which usually happens in orders of less than $5 with free or economic shipping, they will try to leave it in the mailbox. And if you're not at home, and it doesn't fit in the mailbox, they will usually leave it in their office for you to pick it up.

What happens if I am not at home at the time of delivery?

If the package has an ordinary tracking number, they will leave the package in your mailbox or at your doorstep. If they can't do this, they will probably tell you to pick it up at the post office.

Now, if the order is certified (a signature is required for delivery), the carrier will usually try to make three delivery attempts on different days and times. However, if they don't manage to deliver it, they will leave you a note to pick it up at the carrier's office.

When the package has been waiting for several days to be picked up at the carrier's office, it will be returned to the seller, so we recommend you to be attentive to your packages, as you will not always be notified and if you get distracted, it is possible that it will be returned.

I have issues with my delivery, who do I contact?

If you are having problems with the delivery of an AliExpress package, the first thing to do is to try to contact the company that delivers the package (in most cases, the USPS).

But if you've already tried, and you get no answer, we recommend you to contact the seller. They're the only ones who can contact the shipping company and make claims.

When neither the company nor the seller helps us, it's time to contact AliExpress through the customer service center (which you can access from this link) or through a dispute if necessary, where first the seller will respond and, if there is no agreement, AliExpress will intervene.

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