“Delivery failed” on my AliExpress order, what do I do?

If in the tracking of your AliExpress order you see:

  • “Delivery failed, please contact your local post office or the seller”
  • “Delivery Failed – Other reasons”
  • “Unsuccessful delivery
  • “Parcel status delivery failed”
  • “Package delivery failed”

And you don't know what they mean, in this article we are going to explain it in detail.

Remember that you can see the most updated tracking of your order in this section of your AliExpress account.

What do “delivery attempt failed” and “delivery failed” mean?

This occurs when the letter carrier has tried to deliver a registered parcel to you, but no one was at home.

Do I have to do anything?

Depends on the country, but usually the courier companies make two delivery attempts, so if there is no one at the first delivery attempt, they will try again the next (working) day.

Why hasn't the letter carrier left any notice in the mailbox?

Normally in the first failed delivery attempt, the letter carrier will not leave a notice in your mailbox.

If on the second attempt it is not possible to deliver it either, then he will leave a notice paper indicating the office where you can go to pick it up and the days you have to do it.

The shipment will be available at the office from the next business day and you will have a few days to pick it up before it is returned to China.

What happens if I do not pick up my package within the timeframe?

If you do not pick up the package, the package will be returned to China and you will most likely lose your money, even if you open a dispute.

AliExpress isn't usually on the buyer's side when this happens.

What can I do if I cannot go to the carrier to pick up the package?

In the event that you are unable to pick up your package and would like someone else to pick it up for you, normally there is an authorization form on the back of the notice.

The letter carrier did not deliver the package, but I was at home

You expose this situation to us more and more: how is it possible that the letter carrier did not deliver my order when I was at home?

Unfortunately, there is a huge shortage of staff and all couriers have targets to meet in their working day. This means that they have to deliver ‘X' packages per day.

If they are short of time left in their working day and they still have a large number of orders to deliver, they mark directly that delivery has been attempted, when this is not the case.

This is not a common occurrence, but if it happens often you can complain to your carrier.

Although it will not be easy to prove it…

In our article on AliExpress order statuses you can read more about the status of your order.

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