Can you shop online at Primark?

There's no doubt that Primark is one of the best physical stores of cheap and quality clothing, as it offers clothes of current style, attractive designs, and a variety of sizes at an unbeatable price.

However, if you don't have time to visit one of their stores, you've probably wondered if you can buy them online.

Does Primark have an online store?

The famous brand has a website that you can access here. In there, you will be able to see their latest products: all their products show a price and are divided by category. However, unlike other stores, there is no “Buy” or “Add to cart” button anywhere.

What happens is that Primark doesn't sell its products online yet.

This famous clothing store had always stated that making the leap to online selling was not in its plans. Their profit margin is small, so all the logistics involved in an online store (customer service, development of a web platform, transport…) would force them to raise prices.

However, with the excessive growth of other online clothing stores, it seems that Primark has decided to go digital: the company has opened its first online store in the UK. And it looks like other countries could be coming soon.

We don't know how this will affect the brand. It's possible that Primark will increase the prices of its products to cover cost overruns. Nor do we know if this online store will finally reach other countries. As you can see, it's a mystery that has caused a lot of rumors for years.

Where to find Primark clothing online

For now, if you want to buy Primark clothes we recommend you to look through applications that sell second-hand clothes like Poshmark, Goodwill, Depop, or Vinted. There are also groups on social media where people sell second-hand products, although they're more difficult to find and less reliable.

But if these options do not convince you, we are going to give you other alternatives.

Online alternatives to Primark

If you want to buy cheap clothes online, you will surely find many sites. However, not all of them are reliable. These are the best online stores where you can buy low-cost clothes.

1. Shein

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Shein is one of the most popular online clothing stores right now. Their clothing catalog is infinite, and every day there are new clothes, plus they sell clothes for women, men, and children. And if you feel like buying something else, we also recommend you to check their section of accessories, home, or beauty products.

They are always launching discounts and promotions, so it's easy to save money. Their designs are modern and attractive, that's why more and more people buy at Shein: their style reminds us of Zara or ASOS but with a much lower price. Check out their catalog by clicking on this link.

2. AliExpress

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Although it is an online store that sells almost everything, AliExpress has a lot of clothing and accessories stores for men, women, and children. You just have to start searching from here to find thousands of products from different sellers.

As each seller decides their catalog and prices, it's very easy to find clothes of different styles, sizes, qualities, and prices. It's also easy to find promotions, coupons, or discounts. The only thing you should keep in mind is that you should look closely at the size, comparing the size chart, as some sellers use European sizes and others, Asian sizes which are usually smaller.


3. AllyLikes

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After Shein's success, many companies have launched to replicate the model of selling cheap fashion online. Among them, we find AllyLikes, which is part of the Alibaba group and there is no doubt that it's clearly inspired by Shein.

It also offers cheap clothes, and many of its garments are clones of Inditex or famous brands. The variety, good prices, and quality of its garments have surprised buyers.

Undoubtedly, it's a good alternative to Primark or Shein. You can access it from this link.

4. Chic Me

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This store specializes in casual and elegant women's clothing, and it's perfect for those who love daring clothes but are looking for a cheaper alternative. As in other online stores, there is a wide variety of clothes, with new items added every day. It's not that well-known, so its prices are lower to attract buyers.

Although as you can see here, this online store is very similar to Shein: the distribution of the menus, the content… The quality of their clothes is also similar. But as you can see, the selection of products is different. It also has a plus-size clothing section, which is always appreciated.

Other low-cost stores with an online presence

If you prefer a low-cost store that you can buy online but also has physical stores where you can make returns or just try on clothes, these are the best known:

  • Kiabi – They have a plus-size collection.
  • C&A – Different collections, some of them low-cost.
  • Lefties – the low-cost bet of the Inditex group.
  • Pimkie – cheap and trendy women's clothing.

So, is it worth buying cheap clothes online?

Although at the moment we can't buy Primark clothes online, there are good alternatives. You probably prefer Primark clothes because you have already tried them, or you know they are cheap.

However, these online stores we've told you about are well known worldwide and thanks to their offshoring, they offer very cheap prices. In addition, the shipping cost is very cheap (or free) and in some countries, they offer free returns.

We encourage you to visit these stores, look at their catalog, and compare prices with Primark clothing. In some cases, you may be surprised to get clothes at a lower price.

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