Foolproof tricks to tell apart originals from replicas on AliExpress

To see a complete list of original brands in AliExpress we recommend our interactive table of best brands. You will be able to filter by category and find reliable official stores according to the product you are looking for. Another option is to see our post of official AliExpress stores.

Are AliExpress products original? This is one of the most frequent questions you have asked us since AlixBlog was born. That's why we decided to write an article, to try to clarify this question because although most of the products are original, there are still some replicas of products. To find out what differences exist between some product families and which brands are original, you simply have to read this guide.

It is important to note that in recent years AliExpress has eliminated replicas from its platform, incorporating authorized sellers of the most popular brands. In case what you buy is not original, you will get your money back. Another trick that clears up this doubt and that also has to do with money is the price of the product in question. Use common sense: if, for example, you see Swarovski jewelry, be it rings, earrings, or others for about 10 euros, logic says that it is NOT original, since authentic jewelry costs more than 200 euros. This trick does not usually fail 🙂

Official stores and sellers you can trust

Before we start, we'll leave you with some official stores and sellers who have 100% original branded products.

Sports shoes and clothing

best sports storesShoes and sportswearAdidas, nike, air max, converse, puma
Top Sports Flagship StoreShoes and sportswearAdidas, Adidas superstar, Nike, Nike Air Max, Converse, Puma
Olympic Sports Flagship StoreShoes and sportswearAdidas, Adidas superstar, Nike, Nike Air Max, Converse, Puma
SneakerOnline StoreShoes and sportswearAdidas, Adidas superstar, Nike, Nike Air Max, Converse, Puma
Zapatos Mayka StoreShoes and sportswearNike, puma, converse, reebok, fila, vans, munich, dr. martens, buffalo, guess, tommy hilfiger...
Zianshop StoreShoes and sportswearVans, Skechers, Vitoria, Birkenstock, Geox, Panama Jack, New Balance...
Lidersport StoreShoes and sportswearReebok, Nike, New Balance, Asics, Joma, Mizuno...
SCORER StoreShoes and sportswearAdidas, Asics, New Balance, Converse, Reebok, Fila, Munich...
Deportium58 StoreShoes and sportswearAdidas
Shop911259398 StoreShoes and sportswearConverse
Originals StoreShoes and sportswearAdidas, Nike, New Balance, Dr. Martens, Puma, Reebok, Saucony, Fila...
tucentrocom StoreShoes and sportswearUgg, Purapiel
ZapatoneeShoes and sportswearStonefly, Skechers, Mustang, XTI, Porronet, Pikolinos, Hispanitas...


MarcaTienda oficial de marca?Nombre tienda
AppleNoHongKong CINGO Technology Co., Ltd.
SamsungNoSamsungPlus Store
XiaomiXiaomi Official Store
HuaweiHuawei Technologies Store
OppoOPPOearphone Store
MotorolaNoHsenivo World mobile phone Store
SonyNoKK 3C Digital discount Store
LGNoHsenivo World mobile phone Store
ToshibaNoFIGHTING NATION Computer Store
PanasonicNoWY Discount Store
ChuwiCHUWI Official Store
PhilipsNoZCINT Store
LenovoLenovo Official Store
BoseNoGlobal E-GO Store
JBLNoGlobal Tops-E Online Store
LogitechLogitech-Global Store


MarcaTienda oficial de marca?Nombre tienda
NYFSNYFS Apparel retail & Dropshiping Store
SaluSalu Store
PoloNoNEGIZBER Trend Store
BrowonBROWON Online Store
Alpine StarNoShop5702018 Store
Yoshi YamamotoNoDARK Store
Ever PrettyEver Pretty official store
Pioneer CampPioneerCamp Official Flagship Store
KapitalNoDesert Spring
SimpleeSimplee Apparel
MishowMishow Apparel Store
ShengyNoSYdropshipping Store
InflationINFLATION Official Store
Mege KnightMEGE KNIGHT Official Store

The quality of AliExpress products

Before going into the subject and talking about the differences between brands and products that are original, another of the most frequently asked questions that you bring to us has to do with their quality. Given that some sellers on this platform manufacture and sell replicas of original products, many of you ask us what these replicas look like.

In general, since they are imitations, it is possible that the quality is not exactly the same as that of an original product. That is why we insist so much on the importance of choosing a good seller, or in this case, a product with very positive comments. If AliExpress is famous for something, it is for the excellent quality of its replicas, so we advise you to relax and buy. You will not regret it. You know that the main advantage of buying on this platform has to do with the quality/price ratio.

And to refresh your memory about the reputation of the sellers, remember that the better the score of the seller, the more reliable and secure it will be. It's also important to pay attention to the comments of other buyers and the time the store has been open because if you sell replicas you will most likely be closed down soon. If you want to get it right we have a selection of the best AliExpress sellers.


But remember, there can be stores without an excellent reputation and be just as safe.

I can't find some brands: What do I do?

As we have already said, AliExpress has removed the replicas from its site but there are still some ways to find “replicas” or “inspirations”. Most of AliExpress' bargains are hidden behind acronyms, as good replica sellers do not usually use the original name of the brands. You may find our flagship brand search article very useful, in which we list the keywords for finding brands, since as you will see most sellers do not use the real brand names for legal reasons.

Another trick to find keywords for brands is to write the generic product (in English or Spanish) + an adjective that identifies it well. Another system that usually works is to put the initial of the brand + a generic or even write the brand without vowels. Finally, for some brands, it also works to write the place of origin.

Original technology brands in AliExpress

One of the sectors with the most purchases in AliExpress is the technology market. Every day more cheap mobiles or other devices such as Chinese tablets are sold. And that's because China's technology brands are original. Cell phones are especially successful, among other things because there are many well-known phone brands that manufacture in China, and AliExpress sellers offer these devices at a lower price because they can save on the capital gains that are being made by middlemen.

Some time ago, stores with original products included a ‘Guaranteed Authenticity' seal, but now AliExpress has eliminated all replicas so that all sell original products. If you have a problem because a seller claims it is authentic and then it is not, you can claim AliExpress. Learn more about this in our guide to claims, refunds, and disputes at AliExpress.

money back guaranteed

If you don't see the logo clearly or have doubts about the authenticity of the product, you can check if the seller includes the brand name or uses words like ‘Original' or 100% original. Keep in mind that today, AliExpress replicas focus more on clothing, footwear or other accessories than on technology devices, since most of AliExpress' best-selling technology brands are from China and use this platform to sell their products.

IMPORTANT: Keep in mind that if in the description sellers say that a product is original, 99% of the time it will be, but to avoid mistakes, watch if the ‘original' of the title refers to the brand of the material with which it has been manufactured. For example, “Belstaff made of original leather” is not the same as “original Belstaff made of leather”. In the first case, it would be that a Belstaff jacket is made of original leather and the second sentence means that it is a Belstaff original leather jacket. You have to watch out for everything 🙂

Some original phone brands

WARNING: Comments left by users are also important, especially when it comes to figuring out how long delivery is going to take. Just so you get an idea, here is a comment about a Cubot X16 phone.

feedback cubot ENG

And if you're thinking of iPhone, they're original too. In recent years, in addition to finding used iPhones in AliExpress, authorized sellers have been added to sell them brand new. Although the iPhone “refurbished” still sells a lot as they are very cheap. They have the condition of used, which means that they were previously used and later repaired and recovered to sell again with all the guarantees.

The best thing is to visit the technology section where you can find the best analysis of the news of Chinese brands such as Xiaomi, OnePlus, Redmi, Realme… There are more and more popular Chinese brands with better features. AliExpress is one of the best platforms to buy them because it sends to all countries in the world and it is very safe for both the buyer and the seller.

Clothing and footwear brands: originals or replicas

Unlike technology manufacturers, AliExpress clothing brands can be originals or replicas, just like footwear. Just to give you an idea, take a look at the price of these 3 Nike sneakers found in AliExpress.

nike shoes eng

The first ones in the image starting from the left will be originals, the ones in the middle are quality replicas at a cheap price and the last ones, an Onemix, a Chinese brand that imitates (except for the logotype that doesn't pretend to copy, simply to distinguish itself) and that is very well valued by buyers. This is an example for you to know that there is everything and that the previous advice -including user comments- can be key when choosing.

Other brands such as Adidas or Pumas also have very well rated replicas, such as the Adidas Ultra Boost or Rihanna’s Puma Creepers.

We’ve also been asked and written articles about Zara clothes, Sheinside, and some other cheap clothing brands for women men and children.

Logos changed, deleted, or retouched?

As mentioned above, AliExpress sellers use acronyms and keywords to avoid legal problems. In many cases, they also modify product photos, either by changing the logo or removing them directly. In other cases, sellers only put a picture of the product with a reference for you to contact them, and then they send you pictures of the product privately. In most cases, the real product will have the logo well placed when it arrives at your home. Even so, you can never be 100% sure and we recommend that you always contact the seller to ask if the real products have the right logo on them and that they send you private photos.

More tips and tricks for shopping at AliExpress

One of the reasons why AliExpress has removed all its replicas is because more and more people are buying on its platform and international brands have denounced it for attacking their commercial rights. Faced with this situation, AliExpress decided to change its strategy: stop being a replica site to become the best site to buy reliable Chinese brands, where you can also find cheaper international brands thanks to authorized sellers.

If you want to know those Chinese brands we have told you about, in our AliExpress Best Sellers Guide you have a selection of the best stores by category, you will be able to find authorized international brand stores. And if you want to know more tips and tricks to buy safely, do not miss our tutorial section, we have the best articles for you to buy safely. If you don't know which one to start with, the definitive guide to AliExpress is a must-read for anyone who buys on this platform.

These tips can be the best way to avoid getting a product we don't want to go home with. Can you tell us your experience?

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  1. Please give me a list of sellers that sell replicas cause I really can’t find any when searching .

  2. Could you be more specific on how to exactly find replicas?? White labels are too easy to find but replicas are not at all. I’ve been looking for sunglasses (Dior, Chanel) , Marc Jacobs anything, bags (ysl, miu miu, Kate spade) and nothing will pop up. How do I know what key words I need? Could you maybe put down a list of sellers that have the best selections of replicas??


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