AliExpress Accepts Payments via PayPal again: we tell you how to use it and what sellers accept it

If you are an AliExpress veteran you may already know that the platform used to allow their clients to pay via. However, due to the high commissions imposed by Paypal (and maybe because it's a property of Ebay), AliExpress no longer offered this payment system.

Recently, however, we have seen a surprising number of sellers begin to accept PayPal again as a method of payment.

The downside: Not all sellers agree to payment via PayPal

As of today there is no way to filter sellers based on whether or not they accept PayPal but you have two ways to find them.

The first is to access the product tab and check if PayPal is among the payment methods listed:

The second is to look at the list we've made of more than 200 highly reputable AliExpress sellers who do accept PayPal. Here is the table with valuation and type of products sold by each store:

WSWGClothes for men and women See Store
My DBSHClothes for men See Store
Shenzen ColourClothes for men and women / underwear See Store
Dream Malin UnderwearUnderwear for men and women See Store
RaisevernClothes for men and women See Store
AlisisterClothes for men See Store
New Lucky StoreClothes and accessories for women See Store
LangbeeyarClothes for men See Store
Dress U Up GlassesSunglasses See Store
Sophia Hat Factory StoreHats / caps See Store
Women Fashion GoddessClothes for women See Store
Sexy Lady Fashion WorldClothes for women See Store
Shop348349 StoreUnderwear for women See Store
Fashion Value StoreClothes for women See Store
SimwoodClothes for men See Store
Eastdragon ApparealClothes for women See Store
YiheUnderwear for men See Store
HQM StoreUnderwear for men See Store
EachwellClothes and underwear for women See Store
ValuefashionClothes for women See Store
CwslpClothes for women See Store
New FashionsClothes for women See Store
Sophia ApparealClothes for men See Store
Shenzhen ScolourClothes for women See Store
DingtollClothes for women See Store
Kaywide AuthorityClothes for women See Store
AlisisterClothes for men and women See Store
Smoves BoutiqueClothes for women See Store
Aproms GirlsClothes for women See Store
Johnature StoreClothes for women See Store
Miss ord FashionClothes for women See Store
Loves&LemonadeClothes and swimsuits for women See Store
GtpdplltClothes for women See Store
Lei-SaglyClothes for women See Store
QueenralUnderwear for women See Store
Eyam FashionClothes and accessories for women See Store
FurtalkAccessories for women See Store
NaamloosClothes and accessories for women See Store
MofjofClothes for women See Store
EachwellUnderwear for women See Store
Hong Kong GoldwayPhones / electronics See Store
HSW BussniessPhones See Store
Global storePhones / electronics See Store
Xiaomi Tech StorePhone accessories / smart electronics See Store
Meiqi Trading StorePhone accessories / electronics See Store
Rock Official StorePhone accessories / IT / electronics See Store
Orico Phone accessories See Store
Top Leading HKPhone accessories See Store
Vifocal TechnologyPhone accessories See Store
WeForCase Digital StorePhone accessories / IT See Store
Nillking Official StorePhone accessories See Store
Floveme Official FlagshipPhone accessories / IT / electronics See Store
Kindamart StorePhone accessories See Store
Dtop StorePhone accessories / electronics See Store
Sundatom Official StorePhone accessories / electronics See Store
Five City Digital StorePhone accessories See Store
YongChuang ElectronicsPhone accessories See Store
Mobilespart TechnologyPhone accessories See Store
Onfine LeoPhone accessories / IT / electronics See Store
Orico Direct StorePhone accessories / IT See Store
Shenzhen Dayup TechnologyPhone accessories See Store
Suntaiho Official StorePhone accessories / IT / electronics See Store
Asuwish Personalized StorePhone accessories See Store
Bid DealsPhone accessories / IT / electronics See Store
Top Star AccesoryPhone accessories See Store
Usams Official StorePhone accessories See Store
ESR Official StorePhone accessories / IT See Store
Flovemecase OfficialPhone accessories / IT See Store
Shenzhen Inpet TechnologyPhone accessories See Store
H&A Official StorePhone accessories / electronics See Store
Keysion Digital StorePhone accessories See Store
Miss Shen Wonderful StoreCommunication systems See Store
Akaso Direct StoreTablets / IT See Store
Suntrsi Official StoreIT See Store
INJOYI Digital StoreIT See Store
Civetman Flash DealsIT See Store
Zimoon StoreIT See Store
Sannysis Trading StoreIT / Electronics See Store
MC-TechElectronics See Store
Dream Angel TradingElectronics See Store
Xiaomi Mi StoreElectronics See Store
Xiaomi Dreami Electronics See Store
Torntisc Official StoreElectronics See Store
Topstar AccesoryElectronics See Store
Dream Team (firebee)Electronics See Store
Jinser Ltd's storeElectronics See Store
LXHY 4UDISCOUNT GROUPElectronics See Store
Naiku StoreElectronics See Store
JMTTOPElectronics See Store
U7 Official StoreNecklaces See Store
F&U Official StoreJewelry See Store
VNOX Official StoreJewelry See Store
Mecresh Official StoreJewelry See Store
Xinyao Official StoreJewelry See Store
Niba StoreJewelry See Store
Mozo Fashion StoreBracelets See Store
IF YOU A StoreJewelry See Store
NFS JEWELRYJewelry See Store
Yiwu Alan TechnologyJewelry See Store
Cypris Jewelry Franchised StoreJewelry See Store
Love Eternal Fashion JewelryJewelry See Store
Kinel Retro JewelryJewelry See Store
Modian & StoreJewelry See Store
Y/TJewelry See Store
YFJEWE ZW StoreJewelry See Store
Aziz Bekkaoui Official StoreJewelry See Store
Ztech Official StoreJewelry See Store
Sam Panda Official StoreJewelry See Store
WYSIWYG StoreJewelry See Store
S925 MallJewelry See Store
Precious DIY JewelryDIY Jewelry See Store
Shinus OfficialJewelry See Store
Tiny Boutique WorldWatches See Store
Vana TradeWatches See Store
Chinese Watch FactoryWatches See Store
Kingdome of TimepiecesWatches See Store
Skemei Direct SellingWatches See Store
Gofuly StoreWatches See Store
eLife Co LtdDecoration / Pets See Store
Weekend DealDecoration See Store
Wulekue StoreKitchen tools See Store
Geek AlertDecoration See Store
DIY Time LifeDecoration See Store
Star Pets Product WorkshopPets See Store
Innovative Kitchen StoreKitchen tools See Store
Upspirit Official StoreKitchen tools See Store
Heacose VIP StoreDecoration See Store
Lehu StoreKitchen tools / Home accessories See Store
FHEL Official StoreKitchen tools See Store
China Home&Garden StoreHome / pets See Store
Becky Zhang's storeDecoration / kitchen tools See Store
Rhinestone & Crystal Jewelry worldCristal pieces See Store
Walls taleDecoration See Store
Hongkonk Dmax LimitedDecoratin See Store
Bedding OutletDecoration / Bedding See Store
Transhome Kitchenware StoreKitchen tools See Store
Yiwu Global TradeDecoration See Store
FaceMile Official StoreKitchen tools See Store
Mozsly StoreDecoration / kitchen tools / furniture See Store
Panduola Official StoreDecoration / parties See Store
Ween Official StoreDecoration / frames See Store
Shenhong KitchenwareKitchen tools See Store
Hyha Official StoreDecoration See Store
Mon's Favorite Bake ToolKitchen tools See Store
AZQSD Official StoreDecoration See Store
TaoffenShoes See Store
Crazy in ThaiShoes See Store
Vogue Star StoreBags See Store
Lovevook StoreBags See Store
Bolish Tinkin StoreBags See Store
san Vitale Official StoreBags See Store
T-Toff TravellifeBags See Store
AyeBeau StoreBags See Store
Humor Bear Official StoreBaby clothes See Store
Bear Leader Official StoreBaby clothes See Store
Thumb Up Happy StoreBaby clothes See Store
Shenzhen Scolour TechnologyBaby clothes See Store
Ls StoreBaby clothes See Store
Tanguoant Saler Xiao Bin StoreClothes for kids See Store
Angel Children ClothingClothes for kids See Store
Kid KingdomClothes for kids See Store
Maureen Fashion StoreClothes for kids See Store
C JennyClothes for kids See Store
Gobike StoreCycling clothes /equipment See Store
Yougle StoreClothes / sport equipment See Store
Sexy Babe BikinisSwimming suits See Store
Cycloving Cycling clothes /equipment See Store
Varleinsar Official StoreSwimming suits See Store
CoolChange Sports flagship storeClothes / sport equipment See Store
Reebow Tactical OutdoorSport StoreMilitary clothes / equipment See Store
KingShark Pro Outdoor SportClothes / sport equipment See Store
Ruuhee Official StoreSwimming suits See Store
Sexy SwimmsuitSwimming suits See Store
FFG NO.1Sport clothes See Store
YkS SportCamping equipment See Store
Weekend Deal Clothes See Store
Ali queenHair products See Store
Rosa beauty Official StoreHair products See Store
HJ WEAVE BEAUTYHair products See Store
Luvin Official StoreHair products See Store
Baisi Official StoreHair products See Store
Queen Hair Official StoreHair products See Store
Afee Hair StoreHair products See Store
Anmas StoreBeauty products See Store
Beauty LadysBeauty products See Store
Toopoot's VestidosBeauty products See Store
Yvonne Official StoreWigs See Store
King Officual StoreWigs See Store
Ali coco Official StoreWigs See Store
KEYYOU Official StoreCar keys See Store
SageTechnologyCar parts See Store
X-Car Led & Auto SuppliesCar parts See Store
DongZhen TechnologyCar parts See Store
Seametal Official StoreCar parts See Store
Eastar 4 auto partsCar parts See Store
Onever Franchised StoreMotorcycle accessories See Store
Running CarsMotorcycle accessories See Store
AUTOFAB Motorcycle accessories See Store
HutongStore auto partsMotorcycle accessories See Store
MALITAI Official StoreLighting See Store
Alone Fire Official StoreTools See Store
LIVOLOPlugs / electricity See Store
Ammtoo Official StoreLighting See Store
Free-buy TechnologyTools See Store
ShopLighting See Store
Pocketman TechnologyLighting / tools See Store
Idea Lives TechnologyLighting See Store
Good Life EcoLighting See Store
GBKOF Lighting FactoryLighting See Store
ZHONGLIXINGLighting See Store
Ultraok Outdoor Tool Retail & WholeSale StoreTools See Store

The only drawback is that when you pay with PayPal, AliExpress makes you pay a certain commission that depends on the cost of your purchase:

AliExpress PayPal comision

Careful: sometimes it doesn't pay off

But beware, there is a problem: if the purchase you are going to pay is high, the commission charged by PayPal increases more than the rebate offered by AliExpress itself for using that means of payment. Take a look at this example:

If I can't pay with PayPal, is it safe to buy on this website?

The answer is yes, totally. When you make a payment in AliExpress, the page acts as an intermediary between the seller and the buyer. This system is called “Escrow” and consists of AliExpress retaining your money until you have received the product and given your approval.

Only when this requirement is met, AliExpress pays the seller. This applies to any form of payment you use in AliExpress, so you don't have to worry, you can use your card safely.

Therefore, you can pay safely with any of the payment methods offered by the site, as everyone uses the Escrow method that protects your money until you confirm that the order has arrived correctly. In addition, at the time of payment, your data is protected by the encryption system VeriSign SSL encryption (the highest level of commercial protection available so far) so it is impossible for your data to reach third parties.

What other payment methods can I use to pay on AliExpress?

In the definitive guide on how to buy from AliExpress, we explain all payment methods in detail. To summarize, the easiest way to pay for AliExpress is by card (which can be credit or debit). You can also pay by Western Union, AliPay, Webmoney, Qiwi… And if you are still afraid to buy online, there are other payment methods. For example there are banks that offer virtual cards that you can recharge every time you want to make a purchase.

AliPay was a solution to the lack of PayPal. It was a “wallet” payment method where we could deposit our money and pay for our orders. However, in early 2017 we found out that AliExpress decided to stop offering this service to its users. Now AliPay only manages web transactions and safely stores your card details (if you choose) so you can buy in a single click. We could say that AliPay has now become the “financial department” of the web.

You can find a list of other payment methods and their safety in this article.

And if I cancel an order or I don't get what I asked for, will I get my money back?

Of course. First, you need to know that if you decide to cancel your order, you can do so within the first 6 hours (approximately) after paying. From there, you can cancel before the seller sends your order, but the seller will have to accept the cancellation, so we recommend you ask him directly before you cancel.

And if your order doesn't arrive or what you get isn't what you bought (although it's unusual), you can talk to the seller to inform them, and you'll have to open a dispute to receive your money. Remember that the dispute is the only way we have to make sure AliExpress returns the money to our account.

Finally, if you don't reach an agreement by talking to the seller, after a few days of opening the dispute AliExpress will mediate immediately, and propose a solution based on the evidence (and usually favorable to you, unless you do not provide sufficient evidence). Remember that although you clearly see the error in the order, they can only see a few photographs, so try to make the problem very visible.

If something went wrong, you find useful information in our Guide on Claims and Buyers Protection.

Discount coupons when shopping with PayPal

If you choose to pay using PayPal, AliExpress also offers coupons. On your first purchase you will be given a discount of 3 dollars if the purchase exceeds $30. This offer changes over time, so it may be that when you place your order, the minimum purchase to receive the discount is less or more.

We answer your most frequently asked questions about payment methods

During this time we've been getting a lot of questions on the blog related to payment methods in AliExpress, so let's take a look at the most frequently asked questions you leave in the blog comments.

¿What currency can I pay in?

If you pay by credit card, the purchase amount will be automatically converted into Euros, US Dollars, Pounds Sterling or Russian Rouble. Remember that certain cards may charge a supplement for payment in a foreign currency, so it is best to ask our bank the conditions of the card before making a purchase.

Mercadopago and Doku also allow you to pay in Mexican or Indonesian currency, so if you are reading us from one of these two countries, you may be interested in these payment methods. Remember that to change the currency you just have to go the top of the page and select the one that suits you best. If you choose euros, dollars, pounds or rubles, when you pay by card it will be paid in the same currency you chose.

How do I know if I can pay with my card?

AliExpress supports the following cards: Visa debit and Visa credit, MasterCard credit and Maestro debit. If you don't know what type of card you have, it's best to ask your card issuer, there are thousands of different cards worldwide and we don't know them all. You will also have to ask if your card allows payments through internet.

Where do I get my money back?

In case you have to receive a refund from AliExpress, the money will be refunded by the same method used when paying. For example, if you paid by card, the money will go to the bank account linked to the card. If you need more information about returns click here.

What if my card has expired, how will I receive the money?

It's best to contact your bank, but normally it will reach your bank account as usual. You can't change the card number, seeing as the return is made automatically through their system.

I bought something and canceled it right away, why have I been charged?

The payment is made as soon as we place the order, although sometimes it may be held in our bank. So you will have to wait a few days for the return.

The seller is offering to give me my money back through PayPal, can this method be trusted?

We advise you not to accept any deal outside of AliExpress, you wont be protected by the site. In addition, the seller may cancel the PayPal transaction depending on how you do it, so it is best to get your money back through the AliExpress system, ie open a dispute.

The seller offering the option of paying for the order outside of AliExpress, do I trust them?

The answer is the same to the previous question: we don't recommend you to accept any deal off the page, because if you have a problem, you will not be protected by AliExpress.

My order hasn't been accepted for safery reasons, what can I do?

Recently there has been an increase in comments on AlixBlog about AliPay and cancelled orders when placed by credit card:

“Has anyone had problems with credit card payments? My order is being cancelled…”

Following your comments we wrote an e-mail to AliExpress asking them to explain this problem to the entire AlixBlog community. In our definitive guide article on how to buy from AliExpress you will find a section where we talk about this. We hope it will help you ;).

In short

Even if the seller you're interested in doesn't offer payment through PayPal, you don't have to worry because all of their payment methods are protected by AliExpress, so your money is safe until you confirm that everything has arrived safely. That's why we recommend you always pay through AliExpress and never directly to the seller.

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  1. No. It does not work anymore. It worked in January 2021 but not now.

  2. Problem is, I do not have a “credit card”. I simply do not need it very often and prefer methods like “sofort überweisung” or “direct pay” offered by my institute. For everything else paypal is fine.
    A “credit card” simply is too expensive when using twice a year.

    If the service really should replace paypal there needs to be a way to transfer money in advance (using direct pay) or at least payment made by direct debit. Did not find neither.

  3. how do i pay by bank transfer?

  4. I tried twice with my Visa credit card and it does not work. Shall I try again or will it not work at all? I get a currency message…

  5. I have been purchasing items with my credit card for months now flawlessly , then out of no where i can no longer make a purchase until i provide them with a copy of my drivers license and other personal documents. Whats up with that?

  6. now i can’t pay with webmoney like before. looks like aliexpress no longer accepts webmoney.

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