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Looking for original and cheap gifts but don't know where to start? Every time special dates like Christmas or birthdays are approaching, we all have the same dilemma: we've run out of ideas and don't know what to get. Choosing an original and appropriate gift for each person is an arduous task and requires patience, perseverance, and, most of the time, endless queues…

We offer you a solution: AliExpress! Apart from offering an endless number of products of all types and for all tastes, buying in AliExpress is very easy and economical. So if you've left your Christmas shopping to the last minute, the birthday of someone special is coming up and you can't think of what to get them, or you simply want to surprise someone and don't know how, don't despair: take a look at AliExpress and find original and cheap gifts, you'll look great without having to invest a lot of money!

Cheap original gift ideas for everyone at AliExpress

If you are one of those who need gift ideas, in AliExpress you will find a huge catalog of gifts for any occasion and person: gifts for women (such as an elegant dress, a set of beauty products, a book), for men (cheap electronic products, watches, and mobiles or a pair of Nike shoes), for brides and grooms or for weddings (electrical appliances, furniture, or home decoration accessories), for Valentine's Day (animated cards, photo frames, etc.), for friends, for birthdays… you will even find gifts for animals!

In fact, you only have to enter the home page of AliExpress to realize its incredible offers. As you will see, the products are ordered by sections and categories, so it is very easy to find any type of product.

If you need more specific ideas for original gifts, we advise you to take a look at our website, as we talk about specific products and give advice on how to buy safely and at the best price.

Cheap gifts for men, women, children…

Sometimes we know little about the person we are going to give away, or we simply run out of ideas and stop thinking about what to give them. We are going to give you some gift ideas for each person that you can find cheaper at AliExpress.

There are some gifts that are good for everyone (especially adults) like the cheap Chinese brand cellphones that you can find here, a smartwatch or activity bracelet like these, a new tablet or a cheap laptop from the best brands as you see here or a new headset or speakers that you will see in this link.

Cheap gifts for men

If this year you don't want to give socks as a gift, again, and other products seem too expensive, at AliExpress you can find cheap men's clothing and accessories, an ideal gift for men who like to dress fashionably and elegantly. Our favorite categories for cheap men's gifts at AliExpress are the following.

  • Cheap men's clothing by clicking here.
  • Men's shoes and footwear from this link.
  • Modern and elegant sunglasses clicking here.
  • Bags and backpacks for men from this link.
  • Cheap men's wristwatches from this link.

Cheap gifts for women

Women tend to spend a lot on clothes and accessories so it is always a good idea to give a special and original piece of clothing that you can find on this platform. You will find products that follow the latest trends and also original and different products. These are our favorite categories for cheap women's gifts on AliExpress.

  • Find cheap women's clothing at this link.
  • Women's shoes and footwear clicking here.
  • Nice and cheap jewelry from this link.
  • Modern and elegant sunglasses by clicking here.
  • Fashionable bags and backpacks from this link.
  • Cheap women's wristwatches from this link.

Cheap baby gifts

There is a wide variety of baby products in AliExpress and the best thing is that with any of these products you will be right when it comes to making a cheap baby gift. Our ideas and categories for cheap baby gifts from AliExpress are as follows:

  • Baby products: thermometers, diaper bags, teething rings, strollers, diapers, blankets, cribs… In this link.
  • Baby fashion and shoes: Bodies, outfits, jackets, booties, sandals… Clicking here.
  • Toys and stuffed animals: Montessori toys, carpets, teepees, stuffed animals, bath toys… From this link.

Cheap gifts for children

When the children grow up they start asking for their own gifts and we start looking for ways to save money. At AliExpress, besides finding Chinese brands, you can also find the best products and toys from well-known brands. These are our favorite categories for AliExpress children's gifts.

  • Fashion for girls: dresses, outfits, tops and T-shirts, jackets, pajamas… Click here.
  • Fashion for kids: t-shirts, jackets, coats, jeans, sweatshirts… From this link.
  • Shoes and bags: slippers, sandals, boots… Clicking here.
  • Toys: Action figures, Disney, Marvel, Lego blocks, dolls, RC toys, drones… In this link.

Cheap personalized gifts

We all like to give something unique. There are many sites that allow you to buy personalized gifts but you can find them cheaper at AliExpress. Here are some ideas for personalized products that are ideal for gifts.

  • Customized jewelry and accessories by clicking here.
  • Personalized photos and vinyl from this link.
  • Personalized paintings and puzzles by clicking here.
  • Keyrings, lamps, and other personalized gifts from this link.

Hobby Gifts

A very good option is to buy a gift based on hobbies. This is not always possible because sometimes we don't know the person well enough but in other cases this can help us, because even though you have everything in AliExpress there are original and fun gifts based on your hobbies.

Gifts for gamers

In AliExpress there is a great variety of products for gamers: retro consoles, controllers, 16-bit consoles, console accessories… You can also find other ideal gifts for gamers such as sweatshirts, T-shirts, mugs and all kinds of products inspired by classic and modern games (such as Minecraft, Fortnite, Among Us, Super Mario and many more). Favorite categories for gamer gifts:

  • Find video consoles, controls and accessories by clicking here.
  • Powerful and cheap gaming laptops from this link.
  • Find peripherals and computer components by clicking here.
  • Accessories and complements for gamers from this link.

Gifts for drawing fans

If you have to give a gift to someone who loves to draw, in AliExpress you can find both graphic tablets to draw digitally and a lot of accessories to draw and fine art material in the traditional way. Here are some gift ideas for drawing lovers:

  • Cheap Wacom-like graphic tablets by clicking here.
  • Digital pencils to draw in tablet from this link.
  • Markers, notebooks, pencils and other accessories for drawing by clicking here.
  • Coloring books for adults and children from this link.

Gifts for photography lovers

Photography is a very expensive hobby and it is difficult to give a lover of photography as it can be very expensive. Luckily, in AliExpress there are cheap photo accessories ideal for giving away and also other alternatives for photographing with new portable DJI Osmo type cameras, image stabilizers, or GoPro type action cameras. These are the categories where you can find all these possible gifts:

  • Find cameras with DJI Osmo type stabilizer by clicking here.
  • Cheap GoPro cameras from this link.
  • Find stabilizers for quality cameras by clicking here.
  • Professional drones for photography from this link.
  • Cheap lenses for photography from this link.
  • Flashes for cameras from this link.
  • Other photography accessories from this link.

Gifts for music lovers

We all like music so this is a good gift for almost everyone. In AliExpress we can find a great variety of cheap speakers and also the best wireless headphones to listen to music without cables, but there are also other products such as cheap digital DAC converters. Here you will find the best gifts for music lovers:

  • Cheap and quality headphones from this link.
  • Cheap speakers from the best brands by clicking here.
  • Cheap amplifiers and DACs from this link.
  • Find MP3 music players by clicking here.

Gifts for makeup lovers

There are more and more brands of cheap makeup and accessories such as makeup brushes or quality sponges in AliExpress, such as Focallure and O.Two.O, the prices are incredibly low so it is a good idea to give away without spending a lot of money. These are the best makeup products you can find in AliExpress to give away:

  • Cheap lipsticks, lipliners, and balms from this link.
  • Correctors, shadows, and eyeliners by clicking here.
  • Makeup bases, concealers, highlighters, and blush from this link.
  • Sets and palettes of makeup by clicking here.
  • Cheap makeup brushes and accessories from this link.

Gifts for kitchenettes

Whoever has a friend who is fond of cooking has a treasure. So if we have to give him a gift, something to cook with might be a good idea. In AliExpress there are a lot of kitchen appliances cheaper than in other stores: kitchen robots, glass mixers, oil-free fryers, sous vidé, cheap kneaders, kitchen knives or even ingenious gadgets or cooking utensils. If you want to find them directly click on the following categories:

  • Find cheap cooking utensils and accessories by clicking here.
  • Cheap kitchen appliances and gadgets from this link.
  • Find kitchen toys for children by clicking here.

Gifts for the people that care about their personal image

Taking care of your personal image is very important and nowadays there is a great variety of products to show our best image. In AliExpress these products succeed. For example, Xiaomi has its own selection of facial beauty products and it is a good gift idea. You can also find semi-permanent manicure products, curling irons or hair straighteners, epilators, hair clippers, LED treatment masks, radiofrequency or ultrasonic peeling devices. Access directly to these products that are ideal for gifts:

  • Facial treatment appliances and creams from this link.
  • Body care appliances and creams by clicking here.
  • Curling irons, hairdryers, hair clippers, and hair care from this link.
  • Manicure and pedicure appliances and glazes from this link.

Relaxation gifts

Nowadays almost everyone suffers from stress so giving away a relaxing product or device can be a great idea. At AliExpress you can find neck massagers, muscle massage guns, white noise machines, acupressure mats, and other relaxing products. In the following categories you can find the best relaxing gifts:

  • Cheap yoga mats and accessories from this link.
  • Find relaxation treatments and devices by clicking here.
  • Cheap acupuncture mats from this link.
  • Humidifiers for essences from this link.
  • White noise machines from this link.

Gifts for athletes

To practice sports, you need the right equipment, so if you need to give something to a sports person, it's easy because in AliExpress you can find equipment for all kinds of sports, from cycling to ballet. You can also bet on relaxation devices that we have already talked about or relaxation devices to help in muscle recovery. Our best selection of gifts for athletes is the following:

  • Find sports equipment for all hobbies by clicking here.
  • Action and cheap sports cameras from this link.
  • Find cheap smartwatches by clicking here.
  • Muscle recovery equipment from this link.

Gifts for the handyman

And if you have to give something to a handyman, there is no better platform to buy cheap tools for those who like to do repair work or crafts. Here you can find the best gift ideas for DIY enthusiasts and professionals:

  • For Cheap do-it-yourself tools click here.
  • Accessories and equipment for cars and motorcycles from this link.

Gifts for special dates

If you are thinking of giving something as a gift for an anniversary or a special date, you may want to use one of the above ideas or you may prefer to give something more specific. That's why we're going to give you more gift ideas that you can find at AliExpress depending on the celebration you're looking for gifts for.

Birthday gifts

If a birthday is coming up, the best thing to do is to bet on one of the gifts for men, women, or children that we talked about before. But if you want to celebrate it with a big party, don't miss the accessories for birthday parties: balloons, tablecloths and other decorations to make the best birthday party. Find them by clicking here.

Christmas gifts

As Christmas approaches, what to give away? Every year the question is repeated. We recommend you to bet on technology products, clothes and accessories or toys. At AliExpress there are many brands and products that are ideal for Christmas gifts. To find decorative products for the Christmas holidays just enter this link.

Secret Santa Gifts

Normally in Secret Santa gifts, there is a maximum price that varies according to the group. In this case, our recommendation is to search in AliExpress for a generic gift (it can be a wallet, a coffee cup, a wristwatch…). If we know more about our Secret Santa's hobbies, we will be able to find them better. And very important, filter your search with the maximum price to fit your budget. If you want to find decoration products for parties with friends click here.

Valentine's Day gifts

In the great celebration of love, we can give away something romantic. A good idea is to give some of the quality and cheap jewelry you can find at AliExpress. You can also find personalized products to remember your love or even photo frames and other products ideal for lovers. To find romantic gifts click on this link.

Father's Day gifts

On Father's Day, we can take advantage of the opportunity to give a gift based on your father's hobbies and if you don't know what to give, in AliExpress you can find accessories such as watches, bracelets or men's sunglasses very cheap. You can also opt for a personalized gift or a mug. Find some ideal products for Father's Day gifts at AliExpress by clicking here.

Mother's Day gifts

For Mother's Day, we recommend you to look for a gift that fits your mother's hobbies, but if you don't know what to give, a good option is to bet on one of the cheap and quality jewelry that can be found on AliExpress, but you can also get it right with a personalized gift such as a key ring or a piece of jewelry. Find the best cheap gift for Mother's Day from this link.

Wedding gifts

Although there are fewer and fewer physical wedding gifts (money has replaced this traditional gift), in AliExpress there are many products for the home: pans, kitchen robots, towels… It is the best option for a couple starting their life together. If, on the other hand, you are the one getting married and are looking for a gift for your guests, at AliExpress you will find cheap products, making it a great option for buying wedding gifts for guests. You can also find products to wrap your gifts in style. In our article on low-cost weddings, you have some recommendations and by clicking here you can directly access decorative accessories for wedding gifts.

Baptism and communion gifts

As in the previous case, we can bet on typical gifts for children such as clothes or toys. If it is for communion and you suffer for looking for a suitable gift, in AliExpress you have many toys of Lego construction, drones for children, action cameras or photography… Make the best gift of all without spending a lot of money. And in the case of gifts for guests, as in the previous case, the best thing is to filter the search with a maximum price. In this link, you will find some gift ideas for communions.

Gifts for newborns

If you have to give a newborn baby a gift, AliExpress has everything from newborn baskets, baby carriers, baby toys, cheap clothes or even baby shower decorations. Their prices couldn't be cheaper and they have certified quality and thousands of sales so you can rest assured, many of these products are resold in your country more expensive. Find products for newborn babies by clicking here.

Best products by category and reliable stores in AliExpress

Now you know some gift ideas you can buy on this platform. But if you want to continue knowing the best products that can be bought in AliExpress, in our blog you can find reviews of interesting products on this page. In addition, we can also show you and recommend the best stores. In our guide of best sellers of AliExpress, you have a list of recommended stores.

Receive your AliExpress gifts in less time

Many times you write to us worried because you have bought a gift on AliExpress and it doesn't arrive on time. Although this platform is increasingly reducing delivery times thanks to different agreements with transport companies, the time can be increased by external causes, so we recommend you buy in advance or use one of these alternatives offered by AliExpress to receive your orders faster.

AliExpress stores with local delivery

But there are also many other stores that ship their products from warehouses outside China, so if your country is compatible with that store, you will be able to receive your order faster than if you buy from the country of origin. Just search for your gift in AliExpress and filter the country from which you want to receive your product. The search will be narrowed down, but you will be sure to receive your gift faster. You can find more information in our article on local return and national shipment with delivery in 72 hours.

Fast delivery in less than 10 days

If you can't get your gift shipped from a national warehouse to receive it faster, don't worry because AliExpress' shipping times are getting faster. But this platform also offers the possibility of receiving your orders in less than 10 days from China thanks to some shipping methods in agreement with international transport companies. You only have to filter your search with the option of “fast shipping”.

Other fast shipping systems

And if none of these options are available for your country, we recommend you look at the best shipping methods for AliExpress to receive your orders as quickly as possible. In summary, some shipping methods available to buyers such as AliExpress Standard Shipping may be faster, there is also the option to choose fast shipping via private courier although we will almost always have to pay customs fees which will significantly increase the price of our gift.

Tips for buying from AliExpress

We have proposed some stores, but if you have a clear idea of what you want to give away, it is best to enter the keyword in the search of AliExpress and values yourself the different stores.

To know if an AliExpress store is reliable or not you have to look at 3 key factors:

  • The store's reputation: this is very important since AliExpress scores all stores based on their reliability, security, and customer satisfaction. From a diamond, you can be sure that it is a reliable store 🙂
  • Ratings and reviews from former buyers: this will show you if those who have bought in the store are happy with the product received.
  • The time of the store and the number of sales made.

In addition, AliExpress offers the option to contact the seller directly. He will be able to solve your doubts and provide you with all the information you need about a certain product.

If you want more help with your purchases, we recommend you visit the tutorial section of our blog, where you can find the best tips and tricks to buy safely on this online sales platform. If you don't know which one to start with (we've already linked a few of them throughout the article), we recommend our Ultimate Guide to AliExpress where we explain everything you need to know to buy from scratch.

What about you? Do you buy gifts at AliExpress? We would love to know your opinion, so do not hesitate and leave us a comment below with the best gifts you've bought or what you would like to be given!

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