How to modify an AliExpress order

You made a mistake when placing your order on AliExpress. You can find the recommendation of AliExpress customer service here, but below we explain our experience and alternatives.

Can I modify the order or is it better to cancel it and order it again? We explain all of this below.

Modify your AliExpress order

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To make changes to an order, the easiest way to do so is to contact the seller and explain what you need to change. However, we’ll give you some tips, taking into account the most requested modifications.

Modify the address

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It’s not enough to change the address on your AliExpress account. The address that the seller will use is the one you indicated when placing your order. So the first thing you should do is to contact the seller and indicate them the correct address.

If the seller has already shipped your order, we recommend you contact the courier to see if they can change the delivery address.

Change size or colors

To modify the size, color, or other characteristics of your purchase, you’ll have to contact the seller and tell them what color or size you want. Most sellers agree without any problem.

Send the message as soon as possible to avoid the seller sending your order without applying your changes. If you receive your order because the seller has ignored your message, opening a dispute won’t work because AliExpress will take the seller’s side.

What counts for the platform is what is in the order, even if you’ve sent a message. That's why many people prefer to cancel the order, so they can safely modify it.

Cancel order

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In any case, canceling the order and reordering it is a good option. Many sellers don’t read the messages in time and the order leaves their warehouse so fast that they don’t have time to change it.

If you’ve just placed your order and you realize that you’ve made a mistake, the order can be canceled without the seller having to approve it. You can then place the order again with the correct data.

But if you’ve already exceeded the order verification time (which ranges from a few minutes to a few hours), the cancellation will have to be validated by the seller. So we recommend sending a message to the seller and requesting the cancellation at the same time. If the seller understands that you only want to make a change, they will cancel your request and the order will continue.

When the order cancellation is approved, the money is automatically refunded and will reach you in a few days through the same payment method you used. Therefore, you’ll first be charged for the order and in a few days you’ll be reimbursed.

What to do if you haven’t modified the order

If the seller has shipped your purchase without being able to modify your order, here are some tips to help you.

Return the order

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There are sellers who offer the free return of the order. If this happens to be the case with your order, you just need to arrange the return to get your money back. Now, if the seller doesn’t offer free returns, the shipping will probably be so expensive that it won’t compensate the value of the purchase.

Open a dispute

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As we’ve mentioned, opening a dispute sometimes doesn’t help. However, it doesn’t hurt to try, especially if the seller confirmed that they would modify the order and didn’t do it. In case it has arrived at the wrong address, and if the package is returned to the seller, you can open a dispute to recover part of the money.

Resell the product

Nowadays, there are many platforms where you can sell what you no longer want. There are even groups on social networks for buying and selling things. So this can be a good option if you have no other alternative.

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