Cheap jackets, clothes, accessories for motorcycle riding on AliExpress

Any excuse is good to escape routine, especially when you have a nice bike to go riding on the open road.

giacche e stivali da moto aliexpress

Before starting your adventure with your bike, make sure you have the right equipment to keep you both safe and comfortable. In this article, for all the two-wheel aficionados, we are going to give you some tips and advice on how to find cheap, good quality, accessories and jackets for motorcycles on AliExpress.

Buying riding clothes and accessories in AliExpress

In AliExpress you can find all kinds of accessories to protect yourself and the bike. In fact, they have everything from jackets, pants, suits, helmets, boots, leather gloves and knee protection for all kinds of weather, to accessories for motorcycles, like suitcases, and saddlebags, windshields, lights, etc.

After looking through various AliExpress shops, we’ve found some equipment and clothing by the most famous road and off-road brands (Shark, AGV, Nolan, Shoei, Honda, Fox, Alpinestars, Hebo, Dainese, Givi, etc) for incredibly cheap prices. Acronyms to find the best deals in riding clothes

Here is a list of acronyms to find riding clothes in AliExpress.

Acronyms to find cheap motorcycle parts in AliExpress

Now we are going to show you how to find cheap spare parts for your motorcycle (Honda / Kawasaki / BMW / Suzuki / Yamaha / KTM / Harley Davidson / Aprilia / Triumph / Ducati…). Just so you get an idea, here is a list of acronyms to find exhaust pipes by brands such as Akrapovic, Yoshimura, Termignoni, Micron, Leovince, Arrow, two brothers…all of them super cheap and good quality.

Obviously, if we had to make a list of acronyms for every single part of every motorcycle model in AliExpress the key list would be endless. So to ensure you find what you are looking for, follow these instructions.

Here is a list of acronyms of the parts that are most searched for, be it to customize your chopper or cafe racer or simply to change a spare part. The first thing to do is to click on the part you are interested in. This will take you to a general search of the specific part in AliExpress. If you can’t find anything, add the brand and model of your bike to the acronym in the search.

The best shops for off-road and road equipment in AliExpress

HKKWOK's Store – This shop has an excellent rating (5 diamonds) and offers complete equipment and protection for motocross and enduro: cheap helmets, vests, knee and elbow protections, gloves and reinforced jackets… Just take a look!

JACKY PENG’s store – This shop (valued with no less than a crown) has a wide catalogue of cheap riding jackets (both for women and men), as well as t-shirts, trousers and vests made especially for motocross. It also has various cheap good quality accessories for mountain bike.

Zhejiang shop – A shop with a wide range of motorcycle accessories. Gloves, jackets, trousers… With a rating of 3 diamonds and very good reviews.

dansy’s store – Don’t miss out on the deals this 4 diamond shop has to offer: it has loads of different styles, colors and models of jackets, as well as street boots, motocross glasses, gloves, etc.

Mana shop – This shop has a lot of variety, from pants and boots to waterproof protection for motocross and enduro.

Typhoon Racing Sports Inc shop – With 4 diamonds, this is one of the most famous shops to buy cheap road and motocross helmets. It has all kinds of colors and shapes, with excellent quality and incredible prices.

The quality of motorcycle products in AliExpress

Whether you are traveling long distance or just around the city, the priority of a biker is always safety, so it’s imperative that the clothes and accessories you use are good quality. That’s why it’s more important than ever to make sure the stores you buy from have a good reputation (from 1 or 2 diamonds you can be sure you are dealing with a 100% safe shop) and check the ratings and comments left by previous customers as well as reading the description of the product closely.

This will help you chose and buy the right road and off-road equipment and protection for you. Also, if you need more information, just contact the seller directly.

Go to AliExpress.


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