Cheap Parker pens and fountain pens – Shopping guide

When we talk about Parker pens, we are taking about of the best known quality when it comes to writing tools. The Parker brand, which also makes fountain pens, is one of the best known pen brands in the world and considered a symbol of luxury writing. It’s the perfect thing to get as a present for somebody else of even for you.

Are there any original Parker pens in AliExpress? I personally haven’t been able to find any, but I recently spoke to someone who showed me pictures of various sellers offering original Parker products:

Original parker

Because they are original, you won’t have to use acronyms: all you have to do is look at this link to find products for 10 or 20€ with the word “Original” in the description.

They don’t feature the guaranteed authenticity icon, so you can’t be 100% sure they are original, but you can always ask the seller directly via chat.

How to tell the difference between a Parker original and a replica

Parker pens are known for being made with topnotch materials, high quality resin and even precious metals such as gold and silver. You might find more modest models, but I would’t trust them, they probably aren’t Parker originals. In today’s guide we are going to talk about how to find the best deals, the top selling models and some important advice on purchasing Parker pens in AliExpress, eBay and Amazon.

How to find Parker pen models

The Parker Pen Company is pen and fountain pen multinational founded in 1888, in Wisconsin (United States) by George Safford Parker. After 130 years and counting, their models are known worldwide. Among them, the Parker Vector ones have been the top selling model among collectors since the XXI century, among other reasons for their price. It’s a simple fountain pen with a medium stroke.

Parker pens on sale

The Parker Sonnet pens, created in 1993 are also favorites along with other well known collection like the Parker 45 (from 1960 to 2006) or the Parker 100.

What about Parker fountain pens?

Some Chinese sellers in AliExpress also have Parker fountain pens. Like with regular pens, you can find both replicas and originals.

Cheap parker foutain pens in AliExpress

A good way to find out if you are dealing with a replica or an original is the price. If it has a similar price to the original or has a sale of up to 40-50% they might be original. Nevertheless, sellers will usually specify it in the description of the product.

Parker fountain pens and pens: prices in Amazon and other online stores

Before we get into prices, there is a few things you should know before you make any purchase online: shipment. Are there any problems with customs? Added costs because they come from China? When it comes to this product, because it is so small, you probably aren’t going to have any problems. Both with delay or extra fees. Furthermore, as you may already known, most shops in AliExpress offers free shipping.

Unlike other products, when you look for them in Amazon, some pens may take in between 15 days up to a month, the same time it would take to get them from China. Therefore, when it comes to Amazon try looking for a product that takes less time (especially if you are in a hurry) and avoid any extra shipping charges. This being said, you might get lucky and be able to find a product with express shipping, which usually takes about 72 hours.

Parker Pen in Amazon for sale

You should know that prices for Parker pens in China are probably the best ones you can find online. The first reason for this is because you don’t have any intermediaries, the second being that sellers compete amongst each other to offer better prices. You can also find Chinese generic pens that aren’t branded and are sold by the unit (from 3-4€) or in packs of up to 10 units for 5€. Meaning you are getting each pen for less than a 1€. It’s the perfect gift for companies, reunions, communions….

Don’t tell me you aren’t tempted by this Chinese fountain pen…. it’s only 4.78€ a unit. No wonder it has so many sales and such great reviews (don’t forget to check what other sellers are saying):

Parker fountain pen cheap in ALiExpress

If you liked it as much as I did and you are seriously thinking about getting a stylographic pen in AliExpress keep in mind that they won’t be sent until 3 days after receiving the payment and that, as a general rule, pens and fountain pens have a 5 year warranty with sellers offering excellent buyer protection.

The best shops to purchase Parker pens in AliExpress

In AliExpress there are tons of shops offering Parker pens at incredible prices. Given the quantity of both sellers and products it may be hard to choose, so its super important to know how to find a good shop. By doing this, you will avoid any bad experiences with bad shops. All you have to do is check these three things:

  1. The shop’s reputation: AliExpress rates all it’s shops on the basis of their customer service and product quality. If a shop has at least 1 diamond, you can be sure you are dealing with a good seller.
  2. Ratings and comments left by previous customers: make sure you always looks at what other customers had to say about the product, it will give you a better idea of what to expect.
  3. Number of sales: the more sales the shop has, the better it is. But do keep in mind there might be some newer shops that are good as well.

Update: we had a link to a shop with good reputation that sold originals, but it’s no longer there, as soon as we find another, we’ll update the article again.

Amazon, a safer but more expensive alternative

When it comes to this product we can’t promise any big discounts. This being said, if you are looking for original Parker pens, you might want to take a look at Amazon. Originals don’t usually go for less than 200-300€, but lately we’ve been able to find some cheaper Parker like models online. In fact, you can find them for less than 20€, but they wont be original.

This being said, there is a very cool section in Amazon for original Parker pens, with prices that go from 15€ up to 1225€.


If you are passionate of stylographic pens, try looking at the brand Xezo, as you can see from the image above, they are cheaper than Parker pens.

What about Parker pens on eBay?

You can find Parker pens on eBay but be careful because with second hand ones. You also need to pay close attention to find out if the Parker is original or a replica… It doesn’t always happen, but there are tons of sellers on eBay, so chances are you are going to run into some replicas.

I haven’t been able to find a Parker pen I like on eBay, but if you find one and are having doubts about anything, leave us a comment, we’ll help you out.

We hope this guide was useful, but you can also take a look our article on Montblanc Pens and Fountain pens, another of the best known pen brands. That’s it for today!

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