Combined delivery: buy from different AliExpress vendors and receive a single package

For a long time, you have asked us whether you buy from different sellers separately or in one package. Until now, each store sent a package since the sellers' ship from their warehouse, and each item was in a different part of the country. It seems that AliExpress has listened to your requests and from now on we will be able to receive products from different sellers in a single shipment.

What are the advantages of the combined delivery of AliExpress?

This platform is characterized by the sale of cheap yet quality products from China. You can find very popular brands and very low prices. But being an international shipment, one of our recommendations to avoid customs at AliExpress is to make small and low volume orders, although this recommendation is different depending on the country from which we are buying.

However, this kind of delivery has several advantages. One is that if we are buying small products and can combine our shipments, we will receive everything at once and avoid having to worry about multiple tracking numbers. Although a good option to follow several orders is to look for a mobile application that allows you to add the tracking numbers and be able to see where your orders are going at the same time.

Another advantage is for those who buy from countries that limit the number of packages received from abroad per year. In this case, being able to receive products from different sellers in a single order, allows us to save money and time when handling customs paperwork because we will only have one package. This is good news for many Latin American buyers who have this problem.

How AliExpress combined delivery works

Combined delivery of orders is not available for all products on this platform, and from a particular price, it will include shipping with AliExpress Standard Shipping. Only a few vendors will offer this possibility, and you must bear in mind that for the combined delivery to take place, you must pay for everything at once through the shopping cart. But if you are interested in finding products with combined delivery, there are several ways to find these products at AliExpress.

The easiest way is to filter the product search. AliExpress has added a new filter that we can identify under the name “combined delivery”. It will show you products that can be combined, not only will we see products from the same stores, but also from different stores. You can combine products from different searches. In other words, if you first look for sports products, you add products with combined delivery to the shopping cart, and then look for T-shirts with combined delivery, you will finally be able to place an order that has combined delivery.

Another way to order with combined delivery is to look in the shopping cart. Now AliExpress will show us which products are eligible for a combined delivery. You have to pay for all products at once. You can pay for products that have combined delivery with those that do not, but those that have this “combined delivery” option will have the same order number. The problem is that in the case of wanting to avoid combined delivery, we will have to pay for the products separately.

Finally, AliExpress has also created a section within its platform where some of the most popular products with combined delivery can be found. Although filtering the search is better, by clicking here you will be able to see some products that have combined delivery and thus avoid having to make several searches until you find what you need.

Shipping with combined delivery in AliExpress: AliExpress Standard Shipping or AliExpress Saver Shipping

The combined delivery only unifies in a single package your purchases of AliExpress, however, the shipment is still made by the usual methods that we explain in our final guide on shipping methods in AliExpress. When we place orders of low amounts of money with combined delivery, we will receive our purchases with the AliExpress Saver Shipping method, an untracked (regular) shipment that has a shorter delivery time.

On the other hand, when we place orders with combined delivery of higher amounts of money, we will receive our order through AliExpress Standard Shipping, a certified shipping system with a tracking number that is faster. In our blog, we have an article in which we explain the differences between these two shipping methods managed by AliExpress. You can also select combined shipping with AliExpress Standard Shipping even if you place an order of a low amount of money, but the shipping will have a higher cost.

Returns and other problems with combined delivery

For some time now, some AliExpress sellers have included the option to make free returns of their products. If you have included more than one free return product in your combined delivery and would like to exercise your right to return, please note that AliExpress only allows one free return. In case you have a problem with the shipment and have to open a dispute, you will have to do it in all the products that are included in the combined delivery.

To cancel your order before it's sent to you, you will have to request it as soon as possible as the shipment will be processed very quickly and it may be that when you request the cancellation it has already been sent. It is not necessary to cancel all the products included in the promotion, only the ones we do not want to buy. But if the cancellation is requested to make the order again by changing the size or color of one of the products, perhaps the best option is to contact the seller as soon as possible to see if you can modify the order without having to cancel.

More tips and tricks for safe shopping on AliExpress

As you can see, this new combined delivery option can be very advantageous, but at the moment it is only available to buy at AliExpress with shipping from China. We will be able to purchase without having to keep track of several tracking numbers. Many times you ask us what are our tips for buying at AliExpress from your country, so we have some shopping tutorials with detailed tips for different countries:

This combined delivery can save you money. But if you want to get bigger discounts, AliExpress is one of the best platforms thanks to its Chinese brands and its low prices. But also, it has more and more promotions to make you save money. If you are interested in getting discount coupons, a good way to get them is through the AliExpress referral system, with which you can get coupons by inviting your friends to buy on this platform.

In addition, if you want more help for your AliExpress purchases, besides analyzing the latest news, best brands, and products of this platform, in AlixBlog we also have a section with tutorials where you can find the best tricks and tips to buy safely. If you don't know where to start, our Essential Guide to AliExpress is a basic reading to understand how this platform works and what are the most frequent problems with our tips to solve them.

How about this new combined delivery on AliExpress? We would love to hear your opinion, don't hesitate and leave us a comment below with your feedback or your experience shopping on this platform.

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  1. Great idea for some countries. I have to pay extra customs charges in South Africa for checking each parcel which is higher than product and shipping around the world.

    But customer should be in control. Ask during checkout if items should be combined. let customers know how much longer to wait if packages are combined.

    Ridiculous if items were ordered and paid seperately yet they were combined.

  2. Greetings,
    I’m shocked to find out that most of my orders are combined into a single shipment. Several combined packages will now exceed EUR 22,00 (Netherlands, Europe), in which case I have to pay the carrier extra for handling and customs fees. I paid standard shipping for each individual package. I was not asked to agree. Until now I was a happy cutomer (Diamond).

  3. From the first of July 2021 you have to pay custums and taxes when buying goods outside the EU also for products under € 22. This is a EU decision that should allready been active the first of Januari 2021 but was delayed. So the combined delivery is a better way to avoid the extra costs per package that the carrier is charging. With the combined delivery it will be one package with costs. Otherwise it would be the extra costs (appr. 13 euro) for each package.

  4. I am very concerned a about this. Ali has combined orders from different sellers into one large shipment, that will based on the sales amount exceed 22 euros. In which case I will not be accepting the package as custom costs will double the initial sales amount!

  5. No, stop doing this. You will land your customers with excess customs fees and they will not make purchases. I already have items in my basket that I can not order for fear of being combined and end up costing me double in taxes. Ditch this idea.

  6. I have ordered goods 2 days apart from 2 different sellers and payed for shipping for each package but yet packages were combined !#@!&!!

    Low valued packages pass through Customs without duties and taxes.
    Combining packages increases value and will increase qualification
    for CUSTOM DUTIES and TAXES !!!

    sloizos, Canada

  7. About the consolidated shipping method:

    Buyers should know in advance what to expect and this is not the case 🙁

    – I chose as usual AliExpress standard shipping and nobody told me the parcels from different sellers would be consolidated;

    – Nobody knows how long the different parcels will wait at consolidation warehouse before leaving China (till now already 8 days);

    – This can’t be considered as “Ali Express standard shipping” as the delivery times are unknown);

    – When the big parcel with come, there will be for sure import duties to pay (unexpected if you shop below €20);

    – I’d like to exclude totally this shipping option: there is no convenience for me at all.
    How to menage this?

  8. 3 orders, from different sellers, were combined…. and when the order is higher than 22€ we pay taxes… what about this option???? Will i have problems with the customs????

  9. I cannot find the filter, where is it?

  10. I am very concerned a about this. Ali has combined orders from different sellers into one large shipment, that will based on the sales amount exceed 22 euros. In which case I will not be accepting the package as custom costs will double the initial sales amount.

  11. We can buy tax-free from out of Europe up to €22.
    What if the combined package exceeds this treshold, while each separate package does not?

    • I’m concerned as well, because Ali joined a bunch of stuff I ordered (not only for myself, but to friends) which separately costs less then 22 euros, but together it costs more, and if it arrives in one package only I may have to pay taxes in customs. Which sucks. I loved ordering from aliexpress because I had no problems with taxes and all that, and now im really scared I may have to pay a lot because of that one joined delivery… there’s at least 7 things inside it. I’ve seen comments on reddit saying they had no problems with it, but some people had, I dunno if it changes with the country or if it comes with some type of explanation in the package that it is a joined delivery, I dunno, I really hope I don’t have to pay to get them out of costums.

  12. Without me requesting my purchases, combined delivery was placed, the tracking number has changed and there is no tracking in Brazil. How is it? I paid with screening and I will not be able to track and find out if there is a fee to pay.

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