AliExpress India: How to Buy on AliExpress from India Safely

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For some time now we have been receiving lots of questions about how to buy on AliExpress from India, so we have decided to make this guide with everything you need to know to start purchasing on AliExpress safely from India: payment methods, shipping methods, customs… We will guide you through the steps and hope to clarify all your doubts.

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First step: register on AliExpress and get a new user coupon, as well as a promotional coupon

Before starting to buy on AliExpress you need to register on the platform with your e-mail. When you visit this website for the first time, you may see a window to collect a Welcome Coupon and get a discount on your first purchase.

You can also pick your new user coupon (and others that may be available) directly at any product's profile before paying. If you want to know more about how these discounts work, read our guide on Discount coupons on AliExpress.

Promotional code AliExpress India

You can also use this promotional code to get a discount, you just have to enter after pressing the “Buy” button. Remember you cant use this code at the same time with a coupon.

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If the promo code does not work, try this link instead.

How to find products with shipping to India on AliExpress

Have you already registered? Now you can start looking for the products you want. But you have to configure the AliExpress page first to make sure that your searches only show results from sellers that ship to India. You just have to look at the right top of the AliExpress main page and set it with your country, language, and currency.

Access the page with the settings as in the image below here.

To find the products that interest you, you can go to the main AliExpress page and access the different categories displayed on the page or use the search engine. The new AliExpress search engine has different filters that will help you narrow down your search and only get what you are looking for.

Before buying, read the description and specifications of the product

It seems obvious, but many times we forget to review the product description. The product description contains a lot of information that you need to read before buying to know what you can expect from the product: how to choose size, materials, finishes, what is included in the package … If you cannot find the specific information you need, you can also contact with the seller.

You will also find a section of “reviews”, where other costumers who have already received the product leave their comments. It is a very good idea to review them, as you will get an idea of ​​the quality of the product. It is also essential to review the seller's valuation to see if they are reliable. If you want to know how to find reliable sellers, in our Best AliExpress Sellers Guide we explain how.

Payment methods accepted for AliExpress India

Do you already know what you want to buy? It's time to pay, and here comes one of the most repeated questions in the blog comments, how to pay on AliExpress.

The first option is obvious by credit or debit card.  We recommend this alternative, and AliExpress accepts the most popular cards: Visa, Mastercard,  Maestro, and American Express. More and more people are also starting to use prepaid or virtual cards.

Other methods include electronic accounts or even cash. You can see them all in the image below.

All payment methods offered by AliExpress are completely secure since AliExpress uses an escrow system: your money is only released to the seller once you have confirmed receipt of the order, and all transactions have VeriSign SSL encryption so that your data is fully protected.

Shippings: How do they work for India

There are different methods available to order from India. Shipments to this country usually take a little longer than to others, and the reception time is from one month to 43 working days. Although shipping is not cheap, you will find some alternatives at a lower price than others. Private companies like UPS deliver your order in much less time, but the price will be much higher.

Sometimes you will have the possibility of extremely cheap shipping or free shipping, when the seller uses his own shipping method or with options such as “Cainiao Super Economy for Special Goods”. The downside of these options is that you will not be able to track your package (the delivery time is usually not much greater than 50 days).

For more information, we recommend reading our Definitive Guide to Shipping Methods.

How to check the tracking number

It is really easy, just go to the order details and you will see different messages that indicate the different states of your package. We recommend reading our Guide on tracking AliExpress orders so you can interpret those messages correctly. Also, there are generic websites where you can track down your order with your tracking number.


All products you buy on AliExpress must pay taxes according to the regulations. However, for inexpensive products (normally under $ 10) this is often overlooked and most likely they will not charge you anything additional. For more expensive products, you will probably have to pay customs duties, these taxes are usually relatively high and the cost is calculated according to the type of product and its price (although sometimes, especially if your order arrives by national mail and not Through private companies, it is quite possible that you do not have to pay anything because the reviews are not so careful).

Is your order is blocked on customs, you will be notified by them (do not alarm if in the state of your order on AliExpress it says “in customs”, it is just part of the regular process and it doesn't mean that it has been retained or that you have to pay anything else).

The trick of asking the seller to label the order as a gift no longer works. Our advice is that if you are going to buy several products, do it separately (and if it is in the same store, also make sure that the seller does not ship in a single package). Smaller and less valuable packages (under Rs. 2000) are not usually taken into account by customs. We recommend our  Guide about customs to know more.

How to open a dispute on AliExpress if you have a problem with your order

If you have a problem with your order and you have not been able to solve it with the seller, you will have to open a dispute. The money of your purchase will be protected during the protection time, that is, 60 days from when it's sent (although nowadays this time has been increased up to 90 days) and 15 days after confirming that you received the purchase. For instance, if your tracking says “delivered”, but you didn't receive it, this protection time will reduce and you will have to open a dispute (another reason to track your order regularly).

If you want to open a dispute, you just have to access your account, go to the orders section and click on the “open dispute” button. We explain how to do it step by step in our Guide on claims, disputes and returns.

Frequent doubts and questions when buying on AliExpress from Australia

We have received some questions frequently, so here are the answers for them.

What should I do if my order has been detained by customs?

In this case, just wait to be contacted by them and follow their indications.

My order appears as delivered but I have not received anything

If a message appears on the tracking number that the package has been delivered, you should first get more information about what happened: contact the postal company and the seller. If the tracking was wrong and the package was not for you, the seller should offer a solution, or you can open a dispute to get a refund. You will need to provide as much evidence as you can, so you can use a tracking page and capture where your order was delivered.

Can I buy from another country and send the order to Australia?

Yes, you can do that. You can also order from Australia and send the order to another country. Just make sure you are clear about the customs duties or taxes, especially if it is a gift, since the person who receives it will have to pay them in that case.

I'm not at home much, can I send my orders to the post office?

No, please provide any address where the mail company can reach you (it can be the address from your work or any other place).

How to change any details of my order

If you have already paid and you have made a mistake in the size, color, address, or other details, probably you will have to cancel the order and buy again. But we recommend you contact the seller and explain your situation, sometimes they can make changes. If the order has already been shipped, the seller will no longer be able to change anything.

Can I buy wholesale from Australia on AliExpress or Alibaba?

Yes, you can make wholesale purchases, however, if your intention is to do it in the long term, it is better that you contact a specialized person who can guide you with imports from China. You can know more in our guide on How to buy wholesale on Alibaba.

Is it safe to buy on AliExpress from Australia?

Yes, as we said previously, this is a very safe platform for shopping online.

More and more people are starting to purchase on AliExpress, since it is very easy and you can get good and low-priced products. If you need more tips and tricks to buy on this platform safely, in our blog we have a section with tutorials where you will find interesting articles.

What about you? Have you already bought on AliExpress from the Australia? We would love to hear your opinion, do not hesitate to leave a comment below about your shopping experience.

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