Sigma and Garmin odometers: a computer for your bicycle at an incredible price

Are you looking for a cheap odometer? In AliExpress you can find a wide range of odometers for you bicycle at incredible prices by brands such as Sigma and Garmin, two brands that have transformed wireless odometers to the point that they are really computers for your bicycle.

How to find Sigma and Garmin odometers in AliExpress

The Chinese platform offers an incredible amount of models and brands of cheap cyclocomputers. They have both replicas and white label Sigma and Garmin odometers, the one’s we will be focusing on in this article. We haven’t been able to find any one by Polar (we’re pretty sure there aren’t any, but maybe we’ve missed them, so if you find any, please leave us a comment!).

To find odometers in AliExpress, all you have to do is type in words such as Cyclocomputer or Outdoor Navigator GPS to find an endless amount of products and accessories. To make it even easier, here at AlixBlog we’ve made a more detailed guide, so you can find brands such as Sigma and Garmin easily.

AlixBlog Advice: Depending on the seller, prices for the same product can vary a lot, so make sure you don’t purchase the first odometer you see, take a look around first 😉

Why purchase a wireless Sigma or Garmin odometer? Why get it in AliExpress?

Both Sigma (German) and Garmin (American) are top companies in their sector and offer an extensive collection of odometers, high precision accessories that are made to help see all the data of your bicycle outings (whether you ride around the city or on a MTB). These devices are so popular, the brands have widened their selection creating models for all kinds of users, from amateurs, to professionals. And if you are also looking for a bicycle, take a look at our article on cheap bicycles in AliExpress 🙂

As for finding a cheap odometer, we think AliExpress is the best place to get one, they have the best prices of the market. We’ve looked around, there really aren’t better prices out there.

IMPORTANT: Look closely at the sellers, as prices can go from 20 to 300 euros, depending on the features of the cyclocomputer, so do make sure you find one that suits your needs 🙂

Best cyclocomputer sellers in AliExpress

Given the fact that there are thousands of sellers in AliExpress, we’ve selected the three best shops offering cheap odometers for you.

If you shop from any of these three stores, you can be sure you are making a safe purchase, they all have great ratings and comments about their articles and their shipping service. You can also contact the sellers directly to ask them any questions you might have on the product. Also, very important: because it’s a small product, you probably won’t run into any problems with customs, so it will be cheaper.

As an added treat, here is a shopping guide for bicycle products and accessories in AliExpress. There is a lot more stuff than just odometers, but you might want to keep it in mind for other products as well.

Other advice on finding cheap odometers

As we’ve mentioned before, there are a lot of sellers. So, once you’ve found an odometer that fits your needs and budget, check the following three things. And remember, there is a big price difference between standard odometers and more sophisticated ones.

  1. The seller’s reputation: there is a big difference between shops with a medal, a diamond or a crown. Make sure you look around and check if the seller has good reviews. Also, don’t forget that there are some good shops that opened recently and still don’t have many reviews.
  2. Number of sales: another way to tell if a shop is good or not is to check the number of products they sold. The more sales, the safer making a purchase in the shop is.
  3. Reviews and comments left by previous AliExpress customers: yet another way to make sure the products offered by the shop are good quality, is to check comments and reviews left by previous customers. You can also contact the seller directly, they tend to answer super quick!

If you have any suggestions, just leave us a comment and tell us about your experiences.

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