Silicone dolls for adults: life size and cheap

Forget about those outdated inflatable dolls, the new thing now are hyperrealist silicone dolls. These Japanese dolls, made out of high quality silicone, look so real, it’s hard to tell them apart from a real person when you first see them. Their new technology goes way beyond a mere sex toy. Furthermore, some sellers even claim that after trying their dolls, you’ll never want to go back to plain skin and bone.

In fact, when making these silicone dolls, producers pay attention even to the smallest detail, making sure the feel of the skin and the eyes look as realistic as possible. Also, these silicone dolls feature a completely articulate skeleton that allows the user to position them in any way they want.

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Given the material used and the care taken when making them, silicone dolls for adults can be quite a pricy product, but we’ve found various shops in AliExpress offering cheap and excellent quality silicone dolls. You might find second hand silicone dolls for cheaper, but we would advise against it… Some things just aren’t made to be shared!

How to buy cheap silicone dolls in AliExpress

The price of realistic silicone doll can vary a lot, from 1000 to 30.000 euros (or more), depending on their attributes and how they are personalized by buyers. Customers can choose the eye and hair color, chest size, clothes, tattoos or even makeup: everything you need to make the doll feel more real and unique for you.

In AliExpress you can find both life size silicone dolls (weighing up to 20 kg and measuring up to 165 centimeters) and body parts, such as torsos, vaginas, butts or silicone lips, perfect for masturbation.

The first thing you need to do is go to AliExpress (remember to go to your country’s homepage to ensure they deliver to your country) and type in the following acronyms or key words:

Make sure you sort the results according to rating, this way you ensure the first results are for the best rated shops. In fact, when you buy a product from AliExpress, we always recommend you pay special attention to key factors such as the shop’s reputation (from 1 diamond onwards, you can be sure the shop is 100% trustworthy), rating and comments left by previous customers and number of products sold. This will help you choose a good shop and ensure you make a safe purchase.

The best shops to buy silicone dolls in AliExpress

After some investigation, here is a small selection of the best shops in AliExpress offering silicone dolls for you to love. Keep in mind, because they have a lot of visits, shops may run out of stock soon, so if you don’t find the sex doll you were looking for, try looking for it with the acronyms we gave you before.

  • addult supplies sex dolls: this shop has 2 diamonds and loads of positive ratings. In their catalogue, you can find all kinds of sex products and a wide range of life-size silicone dolls perfect to comfort the lonely heart…or bed.
  • Sex Novelty Shop: with 2 diamonds, this shop has a wide selection of silicone dolls. As well as life-size silicone dolls, you can also find silicone vaginas and butts, especially designed for a pleasurable masturbation.
  • Happy Sex Time: this shop (2 medals) specialized in luxury silicone dolls, has a countless amount of sex products: high quality silicone dolls, torsos, breasts, real silicone vaginas, vibrators and dildos, etc. Don’t miss out their offers.

Buying cheap silicone dolls – Advice

Like we mentioned before, if you choose a shop with good reputation, you can be sure you are getting an excellent quality product. In any case, because realistic silicone dolls can measure more than 160 cm, we recommend you take a look at the shipping and return policies just in case.

Also, remember that in the product specifications, you can find all the details of the materials and composition of these Japanese silicone dolls (most of them are made with non-allergic last generation silicone).

Finally, don’t forget you can always contact the seller directly to ask them any questions you might have ;).

Go to AliExpress! or maybe you also want to check out our article on sex toys or sexy lingerie in AliExpress.

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